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Power Fit Platform Fitness Plate – Full Body Vibration Machine – Exercise Workout Gym Trainer


GREAT BODY SHAPER: Lose weight and improve fitness! This is your key to weight loss and achieving a slimmer silhouette. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and improves your metabolic rate. The combination of fat burning, better blood circulation and muscle toning helps shape your body. This means lesser fat tissues and more toned muscles, abs, thighs and buttocks.
PERSONALIZED WORK-OUT: Work-out the way you want with the click of a button! It’s like having your own personal trainer. Designed with a built-in computer and remote control for easy work-out adjustments. It’s easy to operate – just choose from up to 99 different speed settings, track your progress and see your results instantly. Ideal for all ages – from teens to seniors – and fitness levels – from beginners to professional athletes.
INCREASE MUSCLE STRENGTH: Improve your mobility and balance. Let this equipment work on your muscles from head to toe. This platform machine rebuilds and strengthens your muscles without the need for strenuous work-out. Its revolutionary multi-directional vibration targets hard to reach areas. Perfect for muscle toning and muscle building. It reduces fat and relaxes your muscles.


Hurtle Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine – Anti-Slip Vibrating Platform Exercise & Workout Trainer, with Built-in Bluetooth Speakers, Ideal for All Body Types & Age Groups. (HURVBTR35BT)

$199.99 $159.99

CRAZY FIT VIBRATION FITNESS MACHINE: Vibration assisted exercise for full body training, next generation 3D oscillating motion technology.
RUBBER GRIP: The Hurtle Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine features an anti-slip surface pad for a superior grip.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Built-in Bluetooth and speakers for wireless music streaming, works with all of your favorite enabled Bluetooth devices such as your Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, Computer Etc. Bluetooth network name: ‘Hurtle’.



$399.99 $249.00

Vibrating platform for physical training for a total body workout in just 10 minutes
Oscillating / three-directional movement with 99 speeds and four workout programs
3600-rpm motor that delivers 60 vibrations per second

Amcer Waist Twisting Disc Ankle Body Aerobic Exercise


.Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs, Stimulates blood circulation; Massages the feet
.Releases Tension, massages your feet, suitable for all age groups
.Stimulates Blood Circulation — Combines the principles of reflexology, exercise and magnetic therapy to produce an overall effective exercise system

Shalleen Twist Waist Torsion Body Massage Board Aerobic Foot Exercise Fitness Twister

How To Use: 1. Before using, please drink 200-500CC warm boiled water to stimulate the circulation of blood to gain a better effect. 2. Put you feet on the waist-twisting device, twist your waist and abdomen at the left and right sides meanwhile keep your both arm balance.
3. It will be a normal phenomenon and a good effect after gymnastic exercise if the color of urine becomes deep, or temperature of the human body gets high. 4. Yous should persevere in the exercise of twist waist, thus reach a sturdy and strenuous effect on your body.