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Pull-Up Band, Resistance & Stretch Band | Powerlifting Bands |TigerBands #1 Pull-Up Assist Bands used by Pro Athletes! *Workout E-Guide INCLUDED* (Single unit) 41″ L


The BLACK BAND HAS A RESISTANCE/ASSISTANCE OF 10-50LBS. See our chart for the exercises that we like.
Sale is for a SINGLE BAND. Please choose from our four different bands. To help you select the best band for your application, we have included a resistance/assistance chart in the images.
COMBINING BANDS- It is always better to acquire multiple smaller bands opposed to a large band. Even Hulk cant do all exercises with the Large bands. Like with any functional movement, posture and technique is important in achieving the best results. Multiple bands can be added for added resistance.

Complete Exercise Band Set – 3 Flat & 3 Loop Resistance Bands + Door Anchor + Exercise Guide and Carry Case

COMPLETE BODY WORKOUT – 3 Loop Bands (12″ x 2″) + 3 Flat Bands (5′ x 6″) with three different resistance levels along with Door Anchor will allow you to customize your workout!
PREMIUM QUALITY – Our bands are made of 100% Eco-Friendly All Natural Latex. Strong, Durable and Built to Last!
SAVE TIME – No need to tie knots with bands. The set includes loop bands and door anchor so that you can spend more time exercising rather than tying knots to do certain exercises.




Maintain control of the Flex-Band at all times while exercising
Do not use the Flex-Band if it appears worn or damaged
Store in a dry location away from direct sunlight


Theraband Tubing -25Ft


The only resistive exercise tubing endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Different resistance levels are determined by thickness of the tubing
Portable and versatile with virtually unlimited uses

Exercise Band By Santulana – Fitness Stretch Band – Tone and Sculpt All Muscle Groups. Suitable for Stretching. 6 Loops for Various Resistance Levels. Soft Handles, No Latex Smell. Super-Comfort Grip.

Fantastic exercise and stretch band, ideal for gym, home, travel and office use. Small and compact, easy to pack. Great alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment.
Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, P90x, CrossFit, Insanity, physical therapy, rehabilitation, strength training, weight loss, toning, sculpting, stretching, and much more!
Train arm, leg, stomach, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. Suitable for all levels of fitness, beginners to advanced. Also suitable for a gentle pre- or post-natal exercise regime.


25 ft REP Tubing


Characteristics and performance of latex with the safety and cleanliness (no powder) of non-latex