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STOTT PILATES Pilates for Pregnancy Workout Kit

Maintain strong abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery with our Prenatal Pilates on the Mat DVD
Minimize discomfort and increase strength during pregnancy with our Prenatal Pilates on the Ball DVD
The post natal routine is specifically designed to be gentle on your abdominals while reactiving and strengthening the deep pelvic floor muscles

Pilates Ring Circle – Magic Exercise Equipment – Inner Thing and Total Body Workout – Best Fitness Circle – Great for Obliques Legs Arms Butt and Calves – Variable Resistance for Yoga

Best and Easiest Thigh Workout on the Market. Our Pilates Power Grip Fitness Ring provides gentle to moderate resistance in any exercise. Pilates is not a “power workout” but it encompasses concepts of body symmetry, light body based resistance and similar ideas to provide a whole body holistic activity. Our Magic Circle is the perfect addition to your Pilates routine
Tighter Buns, Stronger More Defined Core. Our Pilates Ring provides gentle to moderate resistance in any exercise and is one of the most versatile new fitness tools on the market. It represents some new thinking about how to best challenge multiple areas of the body. The Pilates ring also brings classical Pilates philosophy to a fitness session that includes light resistance with portable tools.
The benefit of using our Pilates ring in doing some of the activities is that the body works on resistance training without having to grapple with heavy weights. Our Pilates ring has a low maximum resistance threshold, and is less likely to result in injury. It also give the body feedback as to where it is in space and which muscles are being used. The magic circle is not intended to provide a big resistance challenge.

Flex Ring Toner


Soft, non-slip rubberized coating throughout.
No sharp edges, so you can use all parts of the Ring.
Updated version of Joseph Pilates Magic Circle.