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Elina Sports Pilates Cadillac Reformer

The most complete machine of our catalog. All the advantages of the Cadillac and the Reformer together. The ideal device for rehabilitation and studios who want the most complete offering in the shortest Pilates.
Trapeze features Twin drop-in mats are easy for one person to handle. Push-through bar in anodized aluminum can be assembled as 3-slided bar. Adjustable to 3 heights. Push-through bar with safety strap. New padded trapeze bar with spring collars and springs. Trapeze springs with snaps: 2 yellow (very light ), 2 green (medium), 2 red (heavy) Long springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 green (medium).
Solid roll-down bar. One pair of fuzzies, Single loops (1 pair), Stability sling (2 pieces) and Foot straps (2 pairs) Padded foot stopper.

Elina Sports Pilates Wood Reformer with Tower

Classic Pilates Reformer with tower. A dynamic and very comfortable machine. Very short time required for seat change. Ideal for studies seeking. Cozy wood provided.
The tower includes: Made with best quality wood. Perfect stability & very resistant. All metallic pieces in inox & anodized aluminium. Upholstered bed in leather of long durability, designed specifically for our products.
EVA foam padding high density, very comfortable and ideal for Pilates. Complies with environmental regulations.

Allegro Reformer, Standard


Free workout DVD inlcuded! Also Includes double loops (cotton: one length for hands, another for feet – eliminating the need for most rope adjustments).Built-in standing platform with non-slip surface for safety.
Store on its end or flat. Easily rolls into place. 14″ legs are NOT included.
Durable anodized steel frame.

MERRITHEW SPX Max Plus Reformer


Package Includes: SPX Max Plus Reformer, Vertical frame, 2 DVDs (Essential Reformer, 3rd Edition, V2 Max Programming) High Precision Springs Package – 5 Reformer Springs (3 x 100%, 1 x 50%, 1 x 25%) ,5 neoprene spring covers for noise reduction, Soft Reformer loops
3 Gearbar positions, 6 Carriage stopping positions, 3 Headrest positions, 4 Footbar positions, Remobeable shoulder rests and easy-roll wheels
Stackable if vertical frame is removed. When stacking, shoulder rests slide conveniently into brackets affixed to the frame and reinforced pulleybars detach and store without disengaging rope