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QUBABOBO Stability Balance Fitness Yoga Ball,Weight Loss,Strength Exercise,Swiss Balls with Pump 55CM,65CM,75CM,85CM(4 Colors Option)


PROFESSIONAL GRADE – Our exercise ball is extra thick to increase durability and avoid bursting.A great exercise tool for whole family! The PVC material ensures the durablity, flexibility and the high quality of anti resistance.
INCLUDES EASY TO USE FOOT PUMP – Use the stability ball to Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs hips, gluts, abs, and other muscles.The correlation yoga ball helps you build your strength and improve ability of balance and coordination.
SLIP RESISTANT AND STURDY YOGA BALL – Made from high quality slip resistant meterial. Feels great on skin. Excersize Ball is a ideal exercise tool in office, at home or outdoors.


Gymnic Sit ‘n’ Gym Perla 55 Burst-Resistant Fitness Chair, Pearl White


Incorporating balance-centric exercises in your day enables your muscles to work harder to stabilize your body, thus burning calories
Multi-functional piece of equipment can be used at home, the office or at school to help engage the core while the body is stationary
Bring fitness into your day-to-day life by encouraging dynamic sitting to help improve balance, coordination, flexibility and stabilization

PHYSX All-in-One Physical Therapy Kit ● Foam Roller ● 2 6ft High-Strength Resistance Bands ● Anti-Burst 65cm Exercise Ball with Pump ● Free 3 Phase Rehab Prgrm included ● 100% Money Back Guarantee

HEAL AND PREVENT INJURY – One-stop shop for all the physical therapy equipment you need to alleviate and prevent most common injuries. Made to relieve pain in ankles, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, abdominals and more.
FREE REHAB PROGRAM – 3 phase exercise program designed by a physical therapist and PROVEN effective at restoring mobility, strengthening and stabilizing joints to heal or prevent injury.
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – PHYSX uses the highest quality materials to deliver the most effective and durable product. High density EVA foam roller with dual pressure zones provides fast muscle soreness relief and a heat treated solid core will never breakdown or warp. Slip-Resistant Anti-burst 65cm Exercise ball with extra durable vinyl is stronger than other balls and withstands the most rigorous use. Two 7ft resistance bands made with the best quality rubber never lose elasticity.


Maha Fitness Products Yoga Ball


55cm in diameter,1mm thick
Develop control and strength of the core body muscles
Improve your balance and stability and increase abdominal and back strength. Firm and tone buttocks, thi