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TheraBand Roller Massager+, Muscle Roller Stick for Self-Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage Rolling Pin, Trigger Point Release, Muscle Soreness, Best Gifts for Runners, Athletes, Crossfit


21″ length roller massager to massage and lengthen muscles and fascia, increase flexibility, restore range of motion, decrease pain, and improve circulation and blood flow
The roller stick design delivers the perfect self-massage to promote optimal muscle health and relieve pain, making it great for pre-workout warm up and post-workout recovery on areas like the hamstring, quads, neck, and calf
Research proven to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) without impacting immediate range of motion or muscle performance, much like a ridged foam roller or deep tissue massage


CanDo Foam Roller, Full-Skin, Half-Round


Full Skin design has a textured surface or “skin” on both the round and flat surface to prevent roller from future warping or deforming
Improve your balance, strengthen your core, and increase your flexibility with foam rollers
Great to use for physical therapy, yoga, exercising, stretching, or resting


TriggerPoint GRID STK Handheld Foam Roller


Portable, handheld massage roller incorporating the variable surface design of the revolutionary GRID foam rollers
Targets both large muscle groups and pinpoints specific areas; can be used either seated or standing
AcuGRIP handles provide targeted relief that mimics pressure of a massage therapist’s thumb


LoRox Aligned Foam Roller by Lauren Roxburgh

$64.95 $49.95

Moderate density foam roller designed to tone the body and provide regenerative massage
Made from durable EVA foam with raised, circular bumps for texture
Developed by fascia and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh


Foam Roller by SmarterLife | Portable Massager for Pre Workout, Physical Therapy, Recovery after Yoga, Pilates, Cycling and Running

$39.97 $19.97

⚙️ A FOAM ROLLER IS AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT OF YOUR WORKOUT REGIMEN – Best foam roller for IT band therapy, self myofascial release, lactic acid purging & deep-tissue massage for all body types – Target trigger point areas including upper and lower back, legs, neck, shoulders, abdominal core, IT bands, hamstrings, glutes, hips and thighs – Eco Friendly — Made of non toxic EVA Foam – Free of latex, PVC, glues, phthalates, toluene, and chloride
❤️️ PREVENT BODY ACHES & PAIN, SPEED UP RECOVERY TIME – Prevents body aches by keeping muscles from becoming overactive – Perfect sports medicine foam rollers for breaking up fascia after a hard workout or training session – Helps speed up recovery time, correct muscle imbalances, boost immune system, improve range of motion – Use for foot rolling to treat plantar fasciitis – Effective for sciatica conditions
‼️ DUAL CONTOUR DESIGN – Massage roller features 2 surface contours for different therapy applications – One contour for higher intensity aggressive deep tissue massage and one contour for less aggressive soft tissue therapy – Use foam roller for back, back stabilization, core abdominal work, flexibility & strength training – Take to your office in the handy drawstring travel pouch

Foam Roller,2-in-1 Foam Rollers for Muscles Massage,Physical Therapy,Exercise,Trigger Point,Black

FOAM ROLLER FEATURES- 13″ in length * 5.5″ in diameter, portable and space-saving. Designed for deep tissue muscle massage,our foam rollers are made with high density eva material to ensure its lightweight. And their premium quality material ensures these foam rollers won’t break down or get deformed after repeated use.
VALUABLE 2-IN-1 FOAM ROLLERS – Package Includes: 1 * highly textured foam roller,1 * soft foam roller,1 * storage bag. The outer solid foam roller is equipped with medium-firm bumps,grids and grooves to aid massaging and strengthening specific muscle fibers and deep tissue knots. And the inner soft eva foam filled roller provides safe,long term and dependable use for healthy fitness and muscle mobility.
FOAM ROLLERS FOR MUSCLE MASSAGE – Simply find the knots then apply the appropriate pressure and roll away the tightness and tension of your muscles. The foam rollers provides for people with physical therapy,myofascial massage,self-acupressure targeting trigger points. Perfect for improving blood circulation,reducing soreness,speeds recovery, increasing range of motion and flexibility.


2-In-1 Foam Roller. Trigger Point Rollers Perfect for Deep Tissue Massage of Painful Tight Muscles and Myofascial Release. BONUS Carry Case Included

$45.00 $21.97

2 rollers: 1 inner soft roller and 1 firm outer eva rumble foam roller with bonus carry bag.
Myofascial knot release: use for multiple areas including lower, upper back, neck, calves, shins quads, hamstrings, delts and chest.
Physiotherapist triggerpoint massage: improves blood flow and circulation to aid injury recovery, reduce pain and inflammation


ProSource Flex Half-Round Foam Rollers for Muscle Therapy (MFR), Core Stabilization and Balance Exercises (36H x 3D-Inches or 12H x 3D-Inches)


Designed to help release trigger points and loosen tight muscles for improved flexibility, especially in commonly tight areas such as the back, calves, IT band, hamstrings, lats, and glutes
Ideal for beginner and intermediate users, the dense foam structure provides moderate pressure to break up knots and relieve pain, and is firm enough to support all body types
Provides an unstable yet firm surface that makes it a versatile fitness tool for Pilates core work, rehab exercises, spine stabilization, balance work, stretching, and body-awareness

Yoga EVO Foam Roller Bundle – 2 Massage Balls and Foot Massager Stick – 13’’ Textured High Density Roller

Design that you can feel -Measuring 12” in length and 5” in diameter, the Yoga EVO foam roller has medium firm bumps, grids and grooves that help massaging muscles and deep-tissue knots, just like the hands of a massage therapist would do
Heal, soothe & prepare muscles – This roller is great for warm up, cool down and recovery. It helps you ease soreness and stiffness, reduce recovery time, avoid injury, improve range of motion through deep myofascial release (applying pressure to specific points on the body)
Get everywhere – Massage every spot that hurts, until all your body is pain-free with the accessories that come with the roller. You get two: one ball for massaging small aching areas and one small roller for massaging the soles of the feet and the heel


Idson Muscle Roller Massager Stick-The 18 Inch Sports Body Massage Roller-Deep Tissue Muscle of Foot,Leg,calf and Back Recovery-Relief of Muscle Soreness,Tightness and Cramps,Yellow Black

$17.95 $12.95

Essentail Equipment. body massage roller is a widely used in daily life and sports product.It is an essential tool for our fitness and physical therapy,helps to relief muscle fatigue and injury.So the massage sticks are very recommended by athletes,massage therapists,personal trainers and workers.
Outstanding Massage Function. Unique design help massage deep tissue muscle of legs,foot,calves,back,IT Band,shoulder and sciatica. It improve blood circulation,ease muscle soreness and release muscle tension,effectively relieve the muscle aches&pain.
Portable. The muscle roller stick just has 18 inches, it can fit perfectly in gym bag or travel bag,ideal size for home and travel.One end of the handle with strap,It can be hung on a hanger,easy to use again.