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Pilates Ring Magic Fitness Circle – Exercise Resistance Equipment For Toning & Sculpting Inner / Outer Thighs, Abs, Legs & Arms-Improve Core Power Strength, Flexibility & Posture-Workout Poster & Bag

✅ OPTIMAL RESISTANCE FOR FASTER RESULTS: Why settle for flimsy rings that can easily be squeezed together? After consultation with professional instructors and Pilates regulars, our studio strength 14-inch magic circle gives maximum upper & lower body workouts, meaning whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, you won’t outgrow the tension of this ring – making it the only Pilates ring you’ll ever need!
✅ TAKE YOUR PILATES TRAINING ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Our double strap bag lets you take your Pilates equipment wherever you go. Sling it on your back as you head to use your own ring at the studio, take it to the office to discretely get slimmer inner and outer thigh under your desk & even pack it in your carry-on luggage when travelling. Consistency is key to increasing physical fitness and achieving greater health benefits and results!
✅ HUGE COLOR A1 SIZE EXERCISE POSTER INCLUDED: We have thought of everything you could possibly need to get started. In addition to the toning circle and carry case, we have included a huge A1 color wall chart (Value $20.00) which looks great in any home gym. You’ll have instant access to the most effective beginner, intermediate and advanced illustrated exercise instructions to improve agility, flexibility and posture. No eBooks or downloads needed – it’s all in the box!

Pilates Ring – Toning, Sculpting, Strength and Flexibility, Power Resistance Exercise Circle, Thigh Toner, Fitness Magic Circle, 14 Inch Dual Grip Ring by Yogalo Pilates Series

FULL BODY WORKOUT ALL IN 1: arms, abs, chest, thighs, hips, glutes, especially effective for areas such as inner and outer thighs. Check out the workout guide recommendations to get started with an effective workout routine that will help you reach your fitness goals.
360 ° GRIP FOAM PADDED HANDLES so that you can train both inner and outer thighs with ultimate comfort and protect your hands when doing arm, ab and chest exercises.
DURABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: fiber glass is able to better maintain the resistance and shape of the ring compared to the classic steel ring even in extensive use. This ring has been tested by Pilates professionals and is used in some of the top Pilates studios in the country.


Pilates Ring – Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Circle

$44.97 $21.47

Core workout, abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning. Strengthens posture and mobility
ONE OF THE BEST UPPER THIGH EXERCISERS FOR WOMEN due to the resistance it places on the inner and outer thighs. Improves muscle tone of the upper inner and outer thighs, arms, lower body, upper body and core. These rings are perfect for travel because they are almost flat, lightweight and do not take up a lot of volume
14 INCH DIAMETER WITH NON-SLIP FOAM PADDED GRIPS. Tone your arms, thighs and chest today! Toning rings or Pilates Rings as some call them are becoming very popular in the fitness community due to their versatility, portable design and effectiveness