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Flex Ring Toner

Soft, non-slip rubberized coating throughout.
No sharp edges, so you can use all parts of the Ring.
Updated version of Joseph Pilates Magic Circle.


Dofover Pilates Ring Resistance Training Pilates Magic Fitness Circle Yoga Accessories


SCULPT YOUR BODY – Dofover high-tension Pilates Ring is perfect for core muscle training including workouts for the abdominals, thighs, legs, arms, oblique’s and many other muscle groups. This highly rated Magic Circle is great for Strength, Joint and Flexibility training at Home or at the Gym.
SUPERIOR QUALITY – Solid fiberglass exercise ring that allows for both stretching and compressing. 15.7″ diameter with non-slip foam padded grips and rubber protector, protects your grip from sweat during an intense low-impact session.
DUAL PADDED GRIPS – Molded & dual-padded grips that allow for multiple excises using both the outside and inside soft pads. This New & Improved design is perfect for Pilates, Yoga or even Crossfit training and it allows for use within many different workout routines.

TOPLAND™ Pilates Ring – Premium 14” Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Circle

BEST DESIGN – Our 14” rings are made out of steel and covered by durable rubber and soft foam handles padded on both sides
A MUST HAVE FOR WORKOUT – Perfect for full body workout, especially ideal for core muscle conditioning, flexibility, lower body, upper body, strength training, mobility, and posture
NON-SLIP DUAL-GRIP HANDLES – Inside and outside foam padded grips support, a more balanced and complete workout. Comparing with traditional fitness circles that only have pads on the outer sides, our products have improved outcomes for sure

Zoldir 1 Best Selling 14 Inch Pilates Ring, Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Workout Ring – Try It Today & See The Results It Can Bring. 100% Satisfaction and!

★ THE ZOLDIR PILATES RING – The Zoldir Pilates Ring is designed with the highest possible quality in mind. We have put in painstaking research and vigorous testing to ensure that our design is superior to any other brand on the market today. We like to think that our Pilates Ring is the greatest resistance circle ever designed.
★ IT IS PERFECT FOR CORE MUSCLE CONDITIONING – flexibility, total body workout (lower body & upper body), strength training, toning, stretching, obliques, mobility, and posture. The soft rubber-covered resistance ring provides faster, more targeted toning, improving muscle strength throughout the body especially in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and chest.
★ 14 INCHES IN DIAMETER – Made out of steel, covered by durable rubber, and soft cushion foam handles on the sides. Non-Slip handles, easy-to-store, and foam padded grips. Our foam-padded grips are on the inside and outside of the Pilates Ring so you receive a more balanced and complete workout. Ultra-portable flat design means you can take it with you everywhere you want it to be. Take it to school, work, vacation, etc.