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VIVE Wobble Cushion by Inflatable Balance Disc – Fitness Trainer Wobble Pad for Rehab, Exercise, Isokinetics, Physical Therapy & Stability

$24.99 $19.99

IMPROVE BALANCE AND POSTURE: Increasing core strength, the balance disc improves posture and balance when used on a seat or on the floor while standing. Providing effective tension release, the balance disc relieves back pain and reduces fatigue, elevating energy levels for those who remain seated throughout the day. Used on a chair, the balance cushion creates an active experience, promoting greater focus and concentration while improving posture and overall stability.
STABILIZE, STRENGTHEN AND TONE MUSCLES: Use in conjunction with any workout routine for increased effectiveness. The unstable disc requires more muscle activation to maintain your balance, increasing stability and strengthening and toning core, leg and back muscles.
NONSLIP, TEXTURED SURFACE: Dual textured surface includes both a studded massage side and a slightly raised dimpled side to provide greater traction and a secure, nonslip grip when exercising.


WODFitters Balance Board – Premium Wooden Wobble Board – 16″ Round Balance Trainer – Fit Board / Exercise Board For Core Training Fitness Workouts, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation – w/ Carrying Bag

$39.99 $29.99

ENHANCE YOUR BALANCE & STABILITY: Balance boards are a convenient and easy way to build up your balance and stability by working out from your home. Boards like this are commonly used in rehabilitation and physical therapy – so you know it’s safe!
NOT ALL WOBBLE BOARDS ARE THE SAME: Forget plastic or flimsy wood balance boards. This round balance trainer board by WODFitters is by far one of the sturdiest and safest in the market, as it is exclusively made of top grade materials.
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Whether you are a fitness beginner or an experienced athlete, this wobble stability trainer is suitable for your workouts. By using it on carpeted or hard floor and changing your feet positioning, you can adjust the workout’s difficulty level.

RitFit Premium Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands (Free Foot Pump, Exercise Wall Chart, Workout DVD and Measuring Tape)

The RitFit Balance Ball Trainer is one of the best investments to train mid-line strength and stability, as well as balance and coordination. RitFit Balance ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment to meet your fitness goals. It’s great for toning your arms, legs, abs and more… Pump up your fitness regimen by adding this awesome piece of equipment to your work-out routines.
Can be used for or with: Sports Conditioning (both aerobic & anaerobic) – Stabilisation, Agility Training – Strength, Stability & Flexibility Training for the Trunk – Strength for the Entire Body.
Measurements are 58cm/22.8 Inches in diameter and can be inflated to 12 inches in height. Easy to Store.

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk – Stability Rocker Wobble Board for Constant Movement to Increase Focus, Alternative to Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


Durable balance board is ideal for standing desks and stability and balance exercises
Fluid rocking motion while standing on the board creates low-impact movement that engages stabilizing muscles in the back, core, legs and ankles while working, studying or exercising
Built with an ergonomic design that promotes neutral positioning between the ankles while the honeycomb non-slip texture provides a secure base on both hard floors and carpet, keeping your feet stable and secure


j/fit Inflatable Balance & Stability Disc: 13″ Large Yoga Wobble Cushion Trainer with Pump – Core Fitness & Workout Equipment Discs for Home – Office Chair, Ankle Strength Training & Dog or Pet Activity


IMPROVES STABILITY AND CORE STRENGTH: The j/fit Balance Disc helps you improve your balance, coordination, posture, flexibility, and core strength; portable to use anywhere for a quick workout
ANTI-BURST TECHNOLOGY – Rated to withstand up to 350 pounds, our balance trainer is molded with high-tensile materials; it’s safe for kids and adults as a fit balance stand or wobble cushion chair
MASSAGE SURFACE – The textured pattern improves grip and comfort during exercises, core strength training, yoga, or any muscle toning workout program

Indo Board Original Balance Board for Fitness Training and Fun Improves Balance, Stability, and Core Strength While Having Fun – Comes with 30″ X 18″ Non-Slip Deck, a 6.5″ Roller and 11 Color Choices


The Indo Original with Roller is great for Sports Training, Rehab and Therapy by promoting core balance training and core stability training on a unique balance training device used by professional athletes worldwide.
The basic goal of the Indo Board Balance Trainer is to ride as long as possible while keeping the deck from touching the ground.
The Indo Board Original can be used for Surf, Snowboard, Skiing, MMA, Wakeboard, Teamsport and Fitness Training.

PI-Fitness Balance Board: Wooden Exercise, Fitness, and Physical Therapy Disc with Non-Slip Safety Top to Tone Muscles, Strengthen Core, and Rehab


TOP-OF-THE-LINE EXERCISE BOARD: The PI-FITNESS BALANCE BOARD can get and keep you in shape whether you want to tone muscles, strengthen your core, or rehabilitate from an injury; measuring 15.5 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches high, the stylish board weighs less than 3 pounds and comes in a gift box ready for gifting.
MADE OF DURABLE MATERIALS: The WOBBLE EXERCISE BOARD by PI-FITNESS is made of heavy-duty 0.7-inch thick hardwood with a sturdy plastic bottom and an anti-skid pad on its top surface; the lightweight product supports up to 300 pounds while improving balance, coordination, and flexibility, its quality craftsmanship offers stability while standing, doing pushups, or balance training;
PERFECT FOR BALANCE TRAINING: Able to easily support both feet, the PI-FITNESS ROUND EXERCISER has a 360-degree rotation with a 10-20 degree tilting inclination angle, so it improves core strength and posture while enhancing coordination, sense of balance, and visual senses as it targets muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints;

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer


Made in the USA
Bombproof 11-ply hardwood construction with high quality finish and clean design. Soft-Trak gripped top deck is comfortable with or without shoes.
Smooth rolling lightweight and ultra tough roller reduces vibration and sound.


CPOKOH Balance Cushion,Balance Boards,Wobble Seat,35cm Air Stability Wobble Cushion,Core Balance Disc, Posture Trainer, Fitness Stability Pad


AIR STABILITY WOBBLE CUSHION can reduces physical instability, fatigue and pain, improves energy levels for an improved active lifestyle, improves concentration for adults and children and also improves the ability to manage stress. Targets the abdominal core muscles, cardiovascular system, legs, gluteus, and improves balance.
DURABLE ENOUGH TO WITHSTAND REPETITIVE UES: Our wobble cushion is strong enough to sit and stand on with the benefits of an unstable surface. It is eco-friendly, free of phthalates and heavy metals, textured, slip-resistant, and was made of professional grade anti-burst material.
IT IS USED PRIMARILY TO: Improve proprioception after injuries or surgery involving the leg; Strengthen the core stability muscles to help decrease back pain; Help children sit and concentrate in class. Our balance cushion can be used to improve proprioception include: sprained ankle, arthritis, knee anterior cruciate injury, after knee anterior cruciate surgery, after knee meniscus (cartilage) surgery ,following joint replacement surgery, collateral knee ligament injury.