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Maximo Fitness – Foam Roller for Muscles – Trigger Point – 18″ x 6″ (45cm x 15 cm) – Perfect Self Massage tool for Home, Gym, Pilates, Yoga – Instructions Included – 1 Year Warranty.

✅ ALTERNATIVE TO HARD & BUMPY ROLLERS – Our Muscle Roller has a textured surface which provides a more comfortable muscle massage, when compared to other Bumby Trigger Point Rollers. Our Roller is still Firm and Strong enough to reach down to those sore and tight muscles. Superior to soft blue Foam Rollers which deform easily.
✅ INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Comes with some handy instructions within the packaging itself. We will also email you a copy of these. Follow some of our example exercises for ONE WEEK and you are GAURANTEED to notice the difference.
✅ IDEAL FOR PRE OR POST FITNESS WORKOUT – Applications include Muscle Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga. Helps to relieve tension and improve blood circulation by stretching and massaging your muscles.

RAD Roller I Myofascial Release Tools I Multiple Densities I Self Massage Mobility and Recovery


THE EVERYWHERE MASSAGE TOOL: Made for the back, but use it for massage and myofascial release in your hips, on your feet, anywhere!
DESIGNED IN A CLINIC. MADE FOR THE BODY. Tennis balls and lacrosse balls are made for sports, not your body. The RAD Roller is designed to replicate the firm but soft hands of a therapist
SMALL AND PORTABLE. Take it with you in your gymbag or suitcase!

Forbidden Road Foam Roller Muscle Roller 4 Colors with Massage Acupressure Exercise Core Therapy Roll Tool with Bi-directional Zone for Spine Comfort Muscle Massage and Deep Tissue Trigger Provided

RELEASE MUSCLE TENSION : Foam rollers efficiently reduce stiff muscles by targeting trigger points, which helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. Furthermore, foam rolling increases oxygen flow which helps muscle recovery and rehabilitation.
INGENIOUS DESIGN : The surface of the roller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist. As you roll over the top of the roller, the bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in double directions.
SOFT EXTERIOR AND STRONG INNER TUBE PROVIDE STABILITY : The exterior use EVA material, it is soft and the hardness of the roller is suitable and comfortable. While, the inner tube use PVC material, this material is firm and it can support the whole weight.

JBM international JBM Foam Roller (4 colors) Muscle Roller High Density Deep Tissue For Relieving Muscle Tension Soreness Rollers Help Muscle Stretch Physical Therapy Myofascial Release

SUITABLE FOR ALL SPORTS : This foam roller is perfect for self myofascial release for all sports: Crossfit, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Sports Beginners.
STRETCHING AND MASSAGE MUSCLE : Great for stretching overworked sore muscles and soft tissue reducing stiffness and soreness. Ideal for self message, back stabilization, balance training and releasing pain of long time working in the office.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE : Only 13 inches in length ensures it fits easily into any yoga bag or travel case ensuring you get your massage in any time and anywhere.


ProSource High Density Speckled Black Foam Rollers, 12”,18”,24”,36” for Myofascial Release, Pilates, Trigger Point Massage and Muscle Therapy


SORENESS & PAIN RELIEF – Increases blood circulation and reduces muscle soreness for faster recovery after training. Firm pressure releases painful trigger points/knots in tight areas like back, calves, legs, glutes.
MAINTAINS SHAPE – Sturdy, high density foam holds its shape for long-term use and effective deep-tissue massage
4 VERSATILE SIZES – 12×6, 18×6, 24×6, 36×6 for your various needs. Great for Pilates, core & balance, stretching


NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller – High Intensity Vibration for Recovery, Mobility, Pliability Training & Deep Tissue Trigger Point Sports Massage Therapy – Firm Density Electric Back Massager

$129.99 $99.95

VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY FOR GAME-CHANGING RECOVERY: No longer is your foam roller simply a replacement for a sports massage. Now your vibrating foam roller IS the massage. The NextRoller provides muscle soreness relief when and where you need it most.
CUTTING EDGE 3-SPEED DESIGN: Choose between low, medium, and high intensity to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles and joints. Relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, knees, IT band, quads, hamstrings, and more.
YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST: The NextRoller is perfect for aiding recovery, mobility, and flexibility before and after weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, jiu jitsu, running, cardio, or any other exercise. It’s the ideal muscle roller for self massage and myofascial release to make sure your body performs at its absolute best.

HomeGym 4U Muscle Roller Massage Stick for Runners, Athletes, Instant Myofascial Release, Sore Muscles Pain Relief, Trigger Points, Back, Leg, Cramping, Injury Prevention


$6 OFF LIMITED OFFER: Avail of our promotion of $9.99 (that’s $6 savings!) until November 30!
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: specifically designed to create pressure that releases trigger points and loosens knots in muscles. Great for physical therapy, before or after exercise to help increases oxygenated blood flow through the muscles. The extra boost of blood flow allows you to recover faster and improve your performance to reach your next fitness goal. No need to pay for pricey sports therapy massages!
FAST, EFFECTIVE, NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: this massage tool instantly soothes sore and aching muscles. Most of us know how good it feels when the physio massages and releases the tension from muscle knots. Now you can massage your entire body and relieve yourself of the good kind of pain. It’s also great to have a partner massage you so that you can enjoy it even more!


Exercise Foam Roller – Professional Grade, High-Density Incorporates Unique 2 In 1 Trigger-Point Design – Massages, Soothes, Refreshes And Invigorates – Fits Conveniently Inside Your Sports Bag

$59.99 $19.98

Trigger-point, hollow roller as recommended by top personal trainers, massage & physical therapists
2 in 1 design incorporates both low and high density foam for use on a wide variety of muscles
This foam roller is light and convenient – travels with you easily to the office or gym


HEALTHYMODELLIFE 5″ Foam Roller Massage Ball by Healthy Model Life – Better Than Any Foam Roller for Trigger Point and Glute Release – Includes Free Carry Bag

$19.99 $8.99

★ TIGHT GLUTES: There are plenty of options when it comes to foam rollers and massage balls, but none that match the durability and performance of the Healthy Model Life brand! Specifically designed to be firm, this foam ball is not only a better buy, but will give you the relief you are wanting.
✮ GETS INTO THE RIGHT SPOT: Ideal for any size and shape. You can really get into the piriformis muscle and the small muscle groups around your hips, glutes, lower back and inner thighs.
★ THE IDEAL FIRMNESS: The 5 Inch Healthy Model Life Foam Massage Ball is the perfect firmness to get a fantastic deep tissue massage. Enjoy the quality you deserve!

Foam Roller – 24 inch Long – Firm, Sturdy, Solid Core, High Density. Best Roller for Trigger Point Release on Back, Legs, IT Bands.

BEST FOAM ROLLER DESIGN for deep muscles massage, trigger point release and physical therapy! Finger-like knobs on the roller provide an acupressure grid designed to increase blood flow to muscles, range of motion and flexibility as well as help relieve pain in back, legs (calves, quads, IT bands) and arms.
24 inches LONG, SOLID FOAM CORE: Made with high quality EVA foam, this sturdy foam roller can sustain as much as 550 lbs and will last for more than 10 years. No risk of PVC cracking. At 24 inches in length it will provide a better overall coverage than our 13-inch travel size.
YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGER: whether you lift weights, play football, basketball, soccer, tennis, if you are a runner or practice any sport this roller will work out kinks and knots in sore muscles for a faster recovery.