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Lifestyler Expanse 850 Treadmill Running Belt Model 297191 / 831.297191


This is a 1-ply Residential walking belt, some sellers will try to sell you a 2-ply belt (claiming better quality) for your treadmill, which is not recommended for treadmills with small motor. Since it can cause stress and overheating of the motor.
Bundle: Treadmill Running Belt + Fasteners + LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Prelubricated with 100% Silicone

Treadmill Doctor Belt for Proform CROSSWALK 397 , Model Number 248432


DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Treadmill Doctor treadmill walking belt are made to last. Engineered with 2-ply commercial quality, Treadmill Doctor walking belts are perfect for both commercial and residential treadmills. These may also be called running belts, treadmill bands, striding belts, jogging belts, etc.
FLEXIBLE: Treadmill Doctor walking belts are more pliable than other manufacturers walking belts. Stiffer walking belts make it harder for the belt to rotate on the treadmill. This extra strain on the motor will lead to quicker part failure.
POLYESTER-BLENDED BACKING: The backing on the belt is the most important area. Our polyester blended backing gives you heat resistance, quieter operation and a material that will withstand significantly longer than walking belts used by other sellers.


Treadmill Walking Belt 173063

$60.32 $59.75

Treadmillpartszone treadmill walking belts come with
General Installation instructions
One FREE bottle (0.5 oz.) of Silicone Lube for the treadmill maintenance