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URBNFit Balance Board – Wooden Wobble Board Trainer for Exercise, Standing Desk and Physical Therapy – Rotational Exercises Provide A Full Body Fitness Workout Focusing On Core, Legs, Back

$39.99 $27.99

INNOVATIVE DESIGN AT ITS BEST: Originally created for surfers, this balance training board is a complete fitness studio of its own. Designed to make balance training fun and affordable to all, it promises fantastic results: STRENGTHEN YOUR LOWER BACK, INCREASE BALANCE and COORDINATION, BOOST YOUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE and SCULPT THE MOST FABULOUS 6 PACK.
USE ON ANY SURFACE: With its special ANTI-SKID SURFACE offering a super STRONG GRIP, this brilliant wooden balance board can safely be used everywhere. COMPACT and SMALL, it is also perfectly PORTABLE and easy to take with you wherever you go.
ULTRA VERSATILE DEVICE: Perfect for GENERAL FITNESS, STRENGTH TRAINING, FULL BODY SHAPING and REHAB EXERCISE, there is absolutely nothing that this incredible device can’t do for you. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a sports enthusiast, this round, wooden miracle will ROCK YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE.


Carrom Balance Board


Cool new graphics with anti-skid strips for better control
Great for balance and coordination
Some assembly required

REEHUT Stability Balance Disc Trainer w/Free 9-Page Ebook – 13″ Diameter Wobble Cushion w/Air Pump for Workout, Therapy, Fitness and Training Exercise


Made from eco-friendly, durable PVC material. Dual-textured surfaces with spiked bottom and pebbled top to provide constant stimulation.
13″ diameter, lightweight, compact and portable in size, perfect for on the go.
Used for rehabilitation, massage therapy, training, active sitting, muscle strengthening, and joint stabilization. Help to improve balance, flexibility and body posture.

Epitomie Fitness Power Rocker Balance Board – Premium Wobble Board – Adjustable Height – Bonus Resistance Tube Set – Complete Stability & Core Training – Physical Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation

IMPROVE YOUR CORE STRENGTH & OVERALL BALANCE – Balance boards are a convenient and easy way to strengthen your core and improve your overall balance and stability, all in the comfort of your own home. So whether you want to tone up, or train like a seasoned pro athlete, make sure you join the balance board revolution today.
COMES WITH RESISTANCE TUBES FOR COMPLETE BODY WORKOUT – The Power Rocker is the only wobble board that comes with resistance tube attachments. Use the resistance tubes for extra stability or for advanced athletes, the resistance tubes replace the need for dumbbells. Workout your back, chest & arms as well (see photos).
ADJUSTABLE FOR 2 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY – The included snap on adapter makes it easy to adjust for 2 levels of difficulty (see photos). Snap on the adapter to take your workouts to the next level. No other wobble balance board offers so much versatility so let the Power Rocker grow with your evolving workouts.


Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board – Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter


GREAT FOR BALANCE TRAINING: Improves core strength, posture, enhances coordination, sense of balance and visual sense. Great to strengthen the targeted muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints
DURABLE, NON-SLIP SURFACE: Premium Wooden Balance Board with anti-skid pad on the surface provides a secure grip for absolute safety. 15.75″ diameter large enough for both feet. Support up to 300 lbs
360 DEGREE ROTATION – 15 DEGREE TILTING ANGLE: 360 degrees rotation and up to 15 tilting degree – Great to perform side-to-side, front-to-back, stretch & circular drills


Sportneer Balance Board, 15.7” Wooden Wobble Boards for Workout, Balance Training, Physical Therapy & Gym


DURABLE WITH NO-SKID SURFACE: Made with heavy duty durable and high quality wood. Wooden plated board with no-skid surface to ensure good balance, grip and stability
360 DEGREE ROTATION: 360 degrees rotation and 10-20 degrees inclination angle
IMPROVES CORE STRENGTH & POSTURE: Improves core strength, posture, enhances coordination, sense of balance and visual sense


Yes4All Balance Foam Pads – Choice: Large, XL and Multi Color


HIGH-QUALITY CLOSED CELL FOAM: Constructed of super soft and durable EVA foam to add more durability & safety
TWO SIZES WITH TEXTURE NONSLIP SURFACE AVAILABLE: Comes with 2 different sizes 19x15x2.25 inch or 15.5×13.5×2 inch (LxWxH) with textured sweat proof surface to provide additional grip and prevents slipping or sliding even in sweaty workouts
VERSATILE BALANCE PAD: Perfect for all ages & fitness levels. Can be used to increase the difficulty of common exercises like lunges, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and yoga poses

The HELM Core Fitness Strength Training System – Multi Grip Push Up and Plank Device for Balance Ball and Stability Ball


ACHIEVE THE REAL PERFECT PUSHUP! The Helm allows you to take a static exercise like the pushup and make it a dynamic exercise by incorporating the swiss ball. Just as free weights are used to engage your stabilizing muscles The Helm is used to do the same when placed on an unstable surface such as the bosu or swiss ball. Just as crossfit uses high intensity interval training, plyometrics, and calisthenics; The Helm incorporates these same elements into its various workouts.
MUSCLE DEFINITION — The Helm allows the user to add a stability component to planks, pushups, and bench dips. User is training the upper extremity for strength, stability, endurance, mobility; all while achieving core strength training simultaneously. Focus on abs, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders, upper and lower back and provide a total workout with one device. Tested to withstand large amounts of weight, the Helm works well for men and women at all levels or workout routines.
3 DIFFERENT HANDLE POSITIONS — Narrow, Standard, Wide therefore the user is training the upper extremity for strength, stability, endurance, mobility; all while core training simultaneously. Achieve your workout objective, the six pack abs, your beach body you are looking to reach. Personal trainers and coaches will definitely know how to incorporate the Helm into their calisthenics regiments!