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Hipiwe Ceiling Anchor – Wall Mount Bracket for Suspension Straps, Gymnastic Rings, Aerial Yoga Swing & Hammock, Resistance Band, Battle Rope


Specially designed to anchor your suspension trainer either indoors or outdoors. With this versatile wall / ceiling mount, you can perform exercises anywhere you choose. Perfect for gym owners.
Workout anywhere indoors or outdoors with this durable anchor point. Turn any room in to a home gym easily with this anchor set! It attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, and overhead beams.
Our Fitting Shape wall / ceiling mount features super-strong stainless steel & rugged welded steel handles for safe, reliable use – at a great value price.


Suspension Trainer Wall & Ceiling Mount Heavy-Duty Anchor Bracket For Crossfit, Olympic Gymnastics Rings, Yoga Swing & Hammock, Punching Bag & Battle Ropes Cold Rolled Steel Hook


A STABLE ANCHOR FOR YOUR SUSPENSION TRAINER: Specially designed to anchor your suspension trainer either indoors or outdoors, this versatile wall / ceiling mount, enables you to perform suspension trainer exercises (and more) anywhere you choose. Perfect for gym owners or home gyms.
TURN ANY ROOM INTO A HOME GYM: This durable steel anchor bracket is compatible with all suspension trainers, resistance bands, battle ropes, gym rings or any other gym equipment that requires an anchor. Crossfit Olympic rings, boxing equipment suspensions straps and yoga swings are also included!
SAFELY SUPPORTS UP TO 750 POUNDS: Hang your body and your equipment with confidence. This permanent steel anchor measures 12 inches in diameter and it’s made of cold rolled steel which means it can withstand anything including the beatings of professional athletes!

Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit – Nylon Straps to Preserve & Protect Crossfit Ropes – Best Home Gym Fitness & Training Rope Anchor – Easy Installation for Heavy Weighted Ropes – 2 Heavy Duty Options


Our PAIR kit includes two (2) straps & free snap hook. The PAIR is intended for if you DO NOT have an eyelet hook to attach the clip to. The two straps allow you to wrap one strap around the battle rope, and one strap around an anchor point. Clip the two straps together and your ready to go! The SINGLE anchor kit allows you to simply clip the anchor rope to the eyelet hook!
**Save your Ropes** All of our straps are triple sewn, and made from strong nylon webbing 16″ long x 1″ wide. The simple design eliminates the need to wrap your battle rope around objects which can cause friction damage. Our strap provides a buffer between the rope and any surface that can cause friction, which extends the life of your rope considerably. Let the straps take the damage, they are built to take a beating!
*Fits almost ALL Battle Ropes** The absolute best use is with battle ropes from 1.5″ to 2″. The second anchor strap fits around any anchor 13″ or less. For those who have a eyelet hook already installed in their home gym, we offer a SINGLE strap for easy application.

BRINX FIT STRAPS for Glute Kickbacks (Pair of 2)- Best cable attachment for hamstrings, hip abduction, adduction, ab exercises and leg workouts! Replaces ankle collar for fitness bodybuilding


THE ULTIMATE LEG ACCESSORY- Brinx Fit Straps will take your leg workouts to the next level! 3 D-rings make glute kickbacks, hip hamstring curls, and hip abduction movements easier and more effective. Once you use it, you’ll never train legs without it!
UNIQUE TRI-LAYER DESIGN- Unlike our competitors, we put in a bottom elastic layer that ensures the center D-ring will remain in the exact center of your foot. This allows for balanced exercises, optimal muscle activation, and symmetrical muscle development no matter the size of your shoe!
HIGHEST QUALITY- Our 500lb. capacity proves we make the strongest product on the market. We did our research to bring you this quality at an unbeatable price. Our customers are our priority!

Wall / Ceiling Mount Bracket for Gym Suspension Training Straps, CrossFit & Strength Trainer Workouts, Yoga Swing, Battle Rope Equipment, Includes 2 Sets of Screws (for Wood & Concrete) up to 750 lbs

Premium Quality, Affordable Price: Why pay more? Our Fitting Shape wall / ceiling mount features super-strong stainless steel & rugged welded steel handles for safe, reliable use – at a great value price!-
2 Sets of Screws for More Options: Use 1 set for attaching to wood, the other for attaching to concrete. Either way, your mount installs in just minutes. (Professional installation recommended.)
Work Out Wherever You Want: Why limit yourself to a door or post mount? With this versatile wall / ceiling mount, you can perform exercises anywhere you choose. Perfect for gym owners, too!


Glute Kickback PRO “Patented” Ankle Strap – Made in the USA


Dear Amazon customer, please beware of Glute Kickback knock-offs. Our competitors have tried to copy our product design; some have gone as far as copying our product/materials description. We are “Amazon’s Choice” Glute Kickback for a reason, and utilized by top fitness coaches & competitors across the nation. Sincerely, Robert Saar – SGT USMC
EXHAUSTIVE research & development goes into every IPR Fitness product. This is to not only achieve MAXIMUM muscle activation, but to make sure we offer the most balanced, safe, and effective product you can get! Our Glute Kickback is also great for Hamstring isolation, as well as Hip Abduction & Adduction exercises. Improper designs can cause injury, do NOT risk your health and safety.
UNMATCHED QUALITY – a true 250 lbs of resistance is easily handled through our use of MIL-SPEC (military grade) materials, class leading design, and military level – quality control practices. The materials we select for our products are not based on cost but PERFORMANCE; because YOU as our customer deserve the best!


A2ZCare Tricep V Shaped Press Down Bar


This combo consists of Triceps V Shaped Press Down with high, polished chrome finish and T-bar Row both constructed with top quality solid steel.
Tricep V Shaped Press Down bar has rubber handles with textured surface for non-slip increases the secured and firm grip to your hands during workouts; the V-shape provides a balanced force to both arms when you attach it to any gym machine to perform. Dimensions: 7.5″L x 7.5″W x 5.5″H.
T-bar Row includes 2 bushings, with diameter 1″ and 2″ that can fit with any Standard and Olympic Bars respectively. Its highlight is the full 360 degree swivel and full range swivel up and down to vary exercises. It can be bolted to the floor with holes, coming with 2 secure tighten knobs to ensure your safety during the workout. Dimension: 9.3″ L x 4.8″ W x 6″ H


RitFit Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket for Suspension Straps, Crossfit Olympic Rings, Body Weight Strength Training Systems, Yoga Swings, Hammocks, Boxing Equipment&Battle Rope


Enjoy your workout anywhere indoors or outdoors with our durable anchor point!
Uniquely designed steel plate & X-Mount allow you to easily attach to a wall, vertical stud or secure overhead beam.
Includes fitting instructions & 2 different sets of screws to choose. Diameter of the Plate : 4.5 inches, Weight Capacity: 800lbs.


Body Solid MA307N Nylon Head Harness

$21.00 $10.30

Weight training accessory recommended for competitive athletes and specifically designed for those in contact sports
Helps condition and build neck and upper back and chest muscles
Constructed of durable, high-quality materials; extra-heavy D-rings and steel chain