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Ankle Straps for Cable Machines by B2FIT PRO – Premium Padded Double D-ring Ankle Cuffs for Gym Workouts – Fitness Equipment for Leg Exercises, Cable Kickbacks, Glutes, Weight Lifting for Men & Women

$45.00 $14.99

✅ FEEL THE SOFTNESS AROUND YOUR ANKLES – We have upgraded the comfort factor of traditional ankle straps by adding 8 mm THICK NEOPRENE padding and making the velcro straps fully adjustable. Now you can easily adjust for different exercises on the cable machine, such as Glute Kickbacks, Single Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Leg Raises, Standing Ab Crunch, Cable Lunges, Thigh Contractions and Extensions and so many more exercises!
✅ WORK YOUR GLUTES LIKE NEVER BEFORE – don’t be limited during your leg workout by your old ankle straps for gym. Get the B2FIT PRO ankle cuffs pair that come with welded heavy duty DOUBLE D-RING and STRONG VELCRO for a better experience during your gym training.
✅ VALUE PAIR – Nobody likes to switch their ankle strap for cable machines from one leg to the next in the middle of their workout, that is why you’ll be receiving a pair of two ankle straps to enrich your workout routine, and keep you focused on your goal. B2FIT PRO ankle straps for weight lifting is compatible with cable systems, functional trainers, resistance bands, cable crossover machines, weightlifting and more!

Battle Rope Anchor Attachment | Quick & Easy | Protect Rope From Damage | Snap Hook Included | Commercial Quality | Wallmount Option | Crossfit Training | Highly Durable | Free Video Course


The easiest & quickest way to anchor your rope! Two straps and a free snap hook included. Commercial quality nylon webbing. Double sewn, abrasion resistant, & heavy duty strong (1500 lbs). 16″ long x 1″ wide.
Protect your investment from damage! Use strap #1 at mid-point, use strap #2 around anchor & secure with snap hook. No wrapping rope which causes friction damage. Our straps extend the life of your rope!
Anchors create a natural & dynamic motion for better training results. For use with any battle rope. Secures around any anchor point 13″ or less.


Glute Kickback LITE “Patented” Ankle Strap – Made in the USA

$34.95 $19.95

Dear Amazon customer, please beware of Glute Kickback knock-offs. Our competitors have tried to copy our product design; some have gone as far as copying our product/materials description. We are “Amazon’s Choice” Glute Kickback for a reason, and utilized by top fitness coaches & competitors across the nation. Sincerely, Robert Saar – SGT USMC
EXHAUSTIVE research & development goes into every IPR Fitness product. This is to not only achieve MAXIMUM muscle activation, but to make sure we offer the most balanced, safe, and effective product you can get! Our Glute Kickback is also great for Hamstring isolation, as well as Hip Abduction & Adduction exercises. Improper designs can cause injury, do NOT risk your health and safety.
UNMATCHED QUALITY – a true 250 lbs of resistance is easily handled through our use of MIL-SPEC (military grade) materials, class leading design, and military level – quality control practices. The materials we select for our products are not based on cost but PERFORMANCE; because YOU as our customer deserve the best!


FITGIRL – Fitness Padded Ankle Strap


🍑 TONE & BURN – Bring your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as: Cable Kickbacks, Cable Hip Abduction & Adduction, Cable Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Lunges, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions..and many more! Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and in the physical appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
💪FUNCTION – FITGIRL Ankle Strap has a thick neoprene padding, making it the most comfortable ankle cuff on the market. The 2 inch support strap is secured with heavy duty velcro, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off. This strap adjusts to fit any ankle size effortlessly. This strap was designed for beginners to intermediate level fitness enthusiasts (light to medium weight support).
😊 FITGIRL- FITGIRL designs and manufactures products exclusively for women who live an active and healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe in providing women with the highest quality products that are comfortable and fun to use every single day! Don’t settle for one-size fits men and women equally, because it’s just not true. Instead, give our products a try and we guarantee that you will love them! Plus, they are pink. Who doesn’t love pink?!


Total Connection Company: Best Knee Wraps (Pair) for Workout and Fitness Knee Support, #1 Powerlifting and Crossfit Training Equipment. 72″ with Velcro and Non-Slip Loop Technology.


• MAKE A STATEMENT ON LEG DAY! Strap these bad boys on and amateur hour will be over! Our 72″ knee wraps give you the perfect support, compression, and comfort for any exercises involving your legs. They are made with HIGH QUALITY COTTON-ELASTIC FIBERS giving you complete support and control.
• YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE! Since you are an alpha male or an alpha female, you ain’t got time to worry about your wraps sliding while you’re toning those beautiful limbs. So, say goodbye to slipping and sliding with our SPECIALIZED LOOP INSERT and ADJUSTABLE HOOK AND LOOP system. Slide em’ on… wrap em’ up… get ripped!
• WE INCLUDE STORAGE! Our wraps are packaged in specially designed, re-sealable bags for convenient storage. You will be able to keep your wraps in pristine condition and ready for each and every workout.

Get the Best Powerlifting Knee Wraps for Squats – Wrist Wrap & Lifting Strap Bundles Available

STOP THE PAIN – Our knee wraps assist with with knee pain symptoms and severe knee pain while doing your heavy lifts, our high quality elastic provide the relief you’re looking for.
IMPROVED SUPPORT – Many people prefer wraps over a knee brace, knee sleeve, or knee support, because you can adjust the tension with our compression wraps.
UNISEX – These are a great fit for both, men and women. They’re sold as a pair and are universal for both, left and right knees.


Skids Wrist Wrap Support


Designed to improve and replace Athletic tape for injury prevention and rehabilitation in all sports, job and therapy related applications
Non-stretch Cordura outer shell with two bi-directional adjustable straps creates a custom tapered fit around wrist
Padded neoprene liner adds comfort and warmth