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JBM Medicine Ball (2lbs 4lbs 6lbs 8lbs 10lbs 12lbs 15lbs) Slam Ball Medicine Ball Workouts / Exercise Strength Training Cardio Exercise Plyometric & Core Training ¨CSquats, Lunges, Slam Exercise


DIFFERENT SIZE & COLOR: According to different strength needs, there are different weights for choice: 2lbs, 4lbs, 6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs. Each weight corresponds to one color, please choose the weight accoding to personal strength need.
DURABLE & TEXTURED MATERIAL: As used in eco-friendly and good-quality rubber, the durability of medicine ball is fairly high; plus the textured surface of medicine ball provides a comfortable and easy grip, which makes an excellent bounce.
PLYOMETRIC & CORE TRAINING : Medicine ball exercise can make your strength improved by taking diverse weights of medicine ball. The medicine ball workouts include lunges, squats, slams, single-leg V-ups, kneel to push ups and other strength trainings; thus stretching your muscle and improving your strength. Plyopmetric and core training can be more effective via using different weights of medicine ball.


SPRI Dead Weight Slam Medicine Balls


Durable, sand-filled no-bounce balls ideal for tossing and slamming activities
Perfect for total body exercise, core strength and explosive power movements
Heavy-duty rubber shell for maximum durability


Dynamax Soft-Shell Medicine Ball

$121.70 $121.16

All Dynamax medicine balls are 14″ in diameter, impact-absorbing, moisture and scuff resistant
Soft-shelled with a heavy duty durable vinyl construction to ensure longevity of product life
Cored construction allows for use at max velocity without risk of injury


Gymnic Heavymed 500 Medicine Ball, Green (10 cm, 500 gm / 1.1 lbs)

$16.00 $13.66

Incorporating medicine ball training into your workout can target particular muscle groups to help build power and condition the elasticity of the tendons/muscles.
Multi-functional piece of equipment that can be used for both fitness activities as well as physical therapy practices.
Allows for a wide range of exercises to help improve upper/lower/core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and joint integrity.


Crown Sporting Goods Tuff Grip Rubber Medicine Ball


An explosive and kinetic alternative to traditional weights. Perform hundreds of exercises that work every area of your body and improve flexibility, coordination, and movement
Add a medicine ball to supercharge basic calisthenics, or try rebounding for an active, exciting way to work your arms and core
Crafted from tough, durable rubber and inflated with air. Add or remove air to achieve your desired level of firmness. Great for rebounding and other bounce exercises, unlike sand or gel-filled balls