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Perform Better Economy Plyobox


Made of high quality, heavy duty, durable steel
Use with a variety of exercises including plyometric, box jumps, and more
Features non-skid rubber landing surface to maintain grip on box landings and prevent injury

Ader Original Black Dynabender Heavy Tension


Ader Power Twister Original Dynabender, heavy 25 LBS tension
Good for hand, wrist, fore arm, bicep, tricep, shoulder and back muscle work out.
Heavy duty high grade music wire 5.5mm, purple finish grip and spring


VEVOR 24x16x20″ 30x20x24” Wood Plyo Box 441LB Capacity Exercise Box Plyometric Jump Box with Internal Cross Bracing Plyo Box for Crossfit Training Plyometric Boxes for MMA or Plyometric Agility


Wood plyo box comes in size: 24x16x20 inches,Max load: 200kgs(441lbs),Thickness of plywood:3/4″(18mm),Shipping weight: 49lbshickness of plywood:3/4″(18mm),Shipping weight: 49lbs
The Garage Fit Wood Plyo Box is built using the machine precision of CNC machining technology. By opting for this revolutionary method
Stackable Plyo Boxes are engineered with a signature space-conserving puzzle design to stack vertically and securely. comes with INTERNAL CROSS BRACING for strong strength, 441lb recommended maximum,Wooden panels interlock with each other like a “dovetail” for extra holding power

The Super Secret Sole S3 – Make Every Step Count


Slides right in and out of your shoes, replace existing insole with the S3 for training or every day wear.
Train your feet and legs to impove strength, speed, quickness, and vertical.
Wear them while training or practicing and replace with regular insole for competition.