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The Super Secret Sole S3 – Make Every Step Count


Slides right in and out of your shoes, replace existing insole with the S3 for training or every day wear.
Train your feet and legs to impove strength, speed, quickness, and vertical.
Wear them while training or practicing and replace with regular insole for competition.

Jump Rope Wire Speed Skipping – Men Women Adjustable Ball Bearing Ropes With Handles For Fitness,Exercise, Crossfit, Boxing, Workout and Training

✅ BEST FOR EVERYONE – For Crossfit, functional fitness, boxing, MMA, intervals, circuits, hit conditioning training & fat loss. The Jump Rope is for everyone: men, women, girls, boys. Perfectly weighted with smooth, fast efficient rotations at maximum rpm.
✅ STRONG AND DURABLE, yet flexible steel wire cable with protective plastic coasting doesn’t bend or tangle. Highly recommended for functional training and boxing for this reason.
✅ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Using the length adjustment mechanism, the 2.8 m cable is easily adjusted to your height- even if you need an extra long or short speed jump rope. This makes your skipping and Double Under much more efficient than with an off the shelf rope.


Wall / Ceiling Mount Fitness Anchor. Use with Suspension Training Straps, Battle Ropes, Exercise Bands. Hardware for Wood and Concrete – Bonus – Heavy Duty Attachment by Namee

$15.99 $15.50

Wall / Ceiling Mount Bracket for Gym Suspension Training Straps, CrossFit & Strength Trainer Workouts, Yoga Swing, Boxing Bag Equipment, Includes 2 Sets of Screws (for Wood & Concrete) up to 750 lbs.
Allow for home use of your body weight Suspension Strap System, Resistance Bands, or Battle Ropes.
Diameter: 4.7 inch. Safely Supports up to 750 lbs.: So you can focus on taking your workout to the next level from novice to the military, without worrying about your equipment.

KBA Velcro Reach & Jump Board


Measures vertical jump and reach from 1″ to 45″
Heights are marked on the board in 1″ increments
Comes with 6 velcro measuring units which stick to the board at peak of jump