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Garage Fit Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Ball/Wallball Plyometrics, Core Training, Cardio Workouts – Ideal for Wall Balls Squats, Lunges, Partner Toss, Slam (Black, 25 lbs – 11.3 kg)

★ GRIP ENHANCING CONSTRUCTION: Unlike rubber exercise balls, the Garage fit wall ball features a uniquely stitched design and leather material that is made to enhance your grip on the wall ball for CrossFit and maximum weight training exercises.
★ GREAT FOR VARIETY A VARIETY OF EXERCISES: Whether its CrossFit wall ball routines, squats, sit-ups, or any other core building exercise, the Garage Fit soft medicine ball is the perfect accessory to optimize your workouts. The design of the ball has been optimized to maximize functionality while minimizing the risk of injury.
★ IMPACT-ABSORBING BUILD: In order to minimize injuries, these perfectly balanced soft medicine balls are designed to absorb impact, thereby minimizing the risk of injury in case you miss a catch. However, the 6lb wall exercise balls are still firm enough to retain their shape through vigorous activity.


Revgear Leather Medicine Ball


One of the toughest medicine balls in the industry
Made with 100% Leather and triple stitched for long lasting toughness
This ball with keep its form and functionality through the toughest workouts

Rally Fitness Pink Wall Ball 14″ Diameter


High Impact Absorption; padded for safe use at high velocities (i.e. throwing, catching, etc)
14″ Body Ergonomic Diameter
Dozens of exercises can be performed to improve: power, strength, speed, endurance and stamina

Dynamax Soft Shell Medicine Ball

All Dynamax medicine balls are 14″ in diameter, impact absorbing, moisture and scuff resistant
Soft-shelled with a heavy duty durable vinyl construction to ensure longevity of product life
Cored construction allows for use at max velocity without risk of injury


Champion Barbell Reactor Smash Ball


Specifically designed to smash and slam without bouncing or rolling
Durable textured cover to withstand the most demanding slam workouts
Sand filled center shifts with exercise movements to engage core and stabilizer muscles