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Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball


Our newly designed leather medicine ball boasts a durable construction for maximum grip and control.
Made with a thick leather cover, this ball will last a long time and stand up to extreme exercises.
A great cross trainer for any sport, the ball combines strength training, cardio, flexibility and dynamic muscle training all in one.

Titan Soft Wall Ball Medicine 6-30 lb Core Workout Cardio Muscle Exercises


Usage: Throw against the wall to hit a target or use for medicine ball workouts like squats, sit-ups, twists and more; Not meant to be used for slam ball exercise routines as it will damage the ball
Benefits: Develop core and muscle strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories; Functional exercises help you in your everyday life, such as with squatting, lifting, throwing and standing up
Durability: High quality synthetic-leather material on outside; Tight double-stitching holds it closed; Can withstand hours of wall throws and medicine ball exercises!

A2ZCARE Toning Ball – Soft Weighted Mini Ball/Medicine Ball


The weight toning ball (often called medicine ball) is utilized in performing pilates, fitness, strength, yoga and in rehabilitation. More flexible product replaces any big heavy old-day weight.
Most comfortable design for anyone: This medicine ball is designed with a proportion of fitting your palm: conveniently small, easy to grab, made of durable soft PVC shell, interior natural sand ensuring healthy state for users.
Be a brilliant alternative to dumbbells to improve self -balance, strength and flexibility.


j/fit Dead Weight Slam Ball, Medicine Ball, Wall Ball – Strength & Conditioning WODs – Plyometric & Core Training, Cardio Workouts for Muscle Build, Balance – Ideal for Squats, Lunges, Wall Slam Exercises


TAKE YOUR WODS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Cross training is founded on innovation and variety – and our slam ball helps you reap all of its benefits, with unprecedented ease. Repetitive motions during WODs, through continuously using barbells, dumbbells or kettle bells soon tire your muscles and keep your from extending your range of motion. By purchasing the j/fit Slam Ball, you can transform your WODs and quickly advance cross training levels, quickly.
BOOST YOUR AEROBIC CAPACITY: Slam ball workouts tone the cardiovascular system, enhance full-body circulation and dramatically improve your strength and endurance. By moving at a high speed, you push your body towards producing more power – and FAST. As the anaerobic system is working at full steam, aerobic functions pick up pace and are rendered even more efficient at providing in-between set & WOD recovery.
BUILD MUSCLE MASS & ATTAIN PERFECT BALANCE: There’s only so much you can do unassisted, while cross training. Slam balls stimulate a host of muscle groups, simultaneously, which would otherwise need to be conditioned through separate, often taxing exercise sets. Slam balls add a layer of resistance to exercises which traditionally rely solely on bodyweight. They naturally increase muscle mass and improve posture and balance, through aiding in regulating and perfecting movement patterns.