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Each AMP barbell pad includes a extra set of velcro straps to eliminate the chance of the bar slipping in the pad. Also included with Each pad is a set of strong leather pull up gloves to provide more comfort and reduced the wear on hands from the barbell.
Super thick, non-slip high density closed cell rubber-foam absorbs the impact of the bar and drastically reduces muscle fatigue and pain.
The AMP universal Bar Bell Pad is 18″x3.5″and can be applied to all olympic sized barbells

Natty Brand – Fast Locking Barbell Collars – Aircraft High-Grade Aluminim – Fits 2″ Olympic Barbell – 1 Pair (Set of 2)

MATERIAL – Constructed from professional aircraft grade aluminum, and designed to withstand repeated high impact drops. Made to last years longer than plastic collars.
EASY-TO-USE – Designed with a sturdy clasp that can be locked and unlocked with one hand, allowing you to change plates quickly and get back to lifting.
GRIP – Made with an interior lining of durable high-tension rubber, providing extreme grip. When you have hundreds of pounds loaded onto a barbell, these collars will keep them locked in place with no movement.

E&T Pro Olympic Barbell Collar (Black)

★ FAST LOCK: Convenient snap-latch secures the collar during your most extreme sessions with the most seamless transition when changing weights. One-hand on and off
★ PERFECT FIT: Fit all Olympic barbell sleeves (2″). Lightweight at only 12 Oz per pair
★ DURABLE: Solid nylon resin construction and fully encased grip pads ensures its durability. Designed for your most demanding workouts

Easy On and Off Pair of 2’’ Weight Clamps Standard Olympic Size Weight Collar For Weightlifting ,Bench Press Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlifts and More.

Still in pain to replace the plates from the barbell with the old school metal spring clamps?
With the new style sturdy clamp,you simply lift the latch with no effort,it opens wide enough to easily slide on/off the 2” threaded or smooth bar.Press the latch to tighten them down to the bar,and it holds the weights in place
Made of high quality ABS plastic, Inside the unit is a strip of tacky rubber, which prevents any sliding or movement.It can hold up to 400 lbs plates as tested

Barbell Collars, FrontTech Quick Release Non-slip Barbell Clamp Collars for 1-Inch or 2-Inch Diameter Size Olympic Bars Pro Crossfit Exercise & Weight Training (2pcs/ A pair)


Non-slip and Safer: compare to the metal collar, it is more stable and non-slip; it has spring powered snap-latch design to keep you safe so you can focus on your gym workout
Easy to Use: quick release, it takes less then 5 seconds to install
Superior Durability: it’s made of ABS and rubber pressure pads inside


Locking 2″ 50mm Collars Standard Olympic Aluminum Barbell Collars Weight Lifting Crossfit Barbells For 2 Inch


Fits all 2″ olympic bars, lightweight, will not damage plates or bars – the barbell locking collar that’s built tough for tough workouts.
Our innovative user friendly snap lock & release design ensures snappy plate changes for those high intensity workouts – maximizing muscle, strength and endurance gains
Durable pressure pad inserts will hold bumper plates lockjaw solid regardless of how many plates are applied – no annoying plate movement and uneven weight distribution