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A2ZCare Aluminum Barbell Clamps (or Barbell Collars), Quick Release Locking For All 2 Inch Olympic Size – Pair

Have Aluminum construction which is light and durable. Our collars are very cool with car wheel design. This product is designed to keep you absolutely safe during workout.
Insert is durable rubber lining, helps the collar grip securely onto the bar and hold plates stably even with massive ones, so there is no plates slip, stagger or unbalance weight distribution at both ends of bar.
They can withstand a wide range of weights with lock & release design so that you can handle with intensive workouts to enhance strength and muscles. This tool is wonderful for crossfit, weightlifting, deadlifts, overhead press, powerlifting and any other.

Muscle Blox Pair of 2″ Olympic Barbell Lock for Professional Gymmers with Quick Release Secure Snap Latch For 2-Inch Diameter Size Olympic Bars Set Of 2 Clamps


The barbell Collar Clamp Helps Improve The Safety Of Your Workout Conditions
Barbell Locking Collar Item is Easy To Use, and takes less then 5 seconds to Install ~ It has Spring Powered Snap-Latch Design To Keep You Safe So You Can Focus on Your Gym Workout.
Barbell ABS Locking Has A Superior durability Its Made Of Hardened Nylon Resin Frames And Injection-Molded Pressure Pads


FLASH SALE! Barbell Pad for Standard and Olympic Barbells with Velcro Safety Straps Bonus 30 Day Challenge from Fit Viva – Foam Pad for Weightlifting, Hip Thrusts, Squats and Lunges

$29.97 $17.97

PAIN FREE TRAINING – Ergonomically designed to cradle your neck during workouts, Fit Viva Squat Pad absorbs impact and prevents neck pain. Say goodbye to numb hands and painful shoulders with an extra-thick squat pad that fits all Standard and Olympic barbells!
ENHANCED GRIP – From squats to lunges and hip thrusts, nothing is too difficult to with Fit Viva extra-thick Barbell Pad! Made from the finest rubber-foam, it enhances your grip on the barbell and reduces risk of slippage.
FREE SAFETY STRAPS – When you’re using a protective pad, you want it to offer stability and help you balance the weight. Thanks to the Velcro straps that come with your purchase, Fit Viva Foam Pad remains securely fastened during lifts, providing excellent stability and balance.

Barbell Squat Pad – Squat Pad Cover for Squats, Hip Thrusts, and Lunges – Barbell Pad Cover Padded Cushion Squatting Pad for Neck and Shoulder Comfort and Relief

★★ INCREASE MUSCLE GROWTH AND STRENGTH – High quality materials helps protect your neck and shoulders to relieve pain so you can focus on lifting more weight with better form. Increase muscle mass and strength by improving and enhancing your lower body workouts. Get ripped quads, hamstrings and glutes.
★★ FEATURES ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Easily attach the squat pad to any barbell to help improve weight balance when lifting and to improve form. Anti-slip material increases the grip on your neck and shoulders to reduce painful pressure on vertabrae.
★★ LONG LASTING, HIGH QUALITY THICK FOAM RUBBER – Resists extreme wear and tear. Unique high-density materials that can last through your most intense workouts for a safe and strong hold


Dreapark 2″ Olympic Barbell Clamp Locking Collars with Quick Release (1 Pair)


Perfect for crossfit workouts,Olympic lifts,overhead press,deadlifts,bench press,or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell.
Designed for all types of resistance training from circuits and drop-setting, to bodybuilding and power lifting.
Spring powered Snap-Latch and quick-release design allows you to change weights quickly during a circuit training workout