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OPTP Franklin Smooth Ball Set

$27.95 $23.95

Set of two Franklin Method balls
Durable construction; latex and phthalate-free
Ideal for massage, movement therapy and Franklin Method exercises

KING Massage Ball Set 6-in-1 – Muscle Recovery for Athletes – Two (2) Trigger Point Spiky Balls and Two (2) Natural Rubber Lacrosse Balls – Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Plantar Fasciitis Therapy

INSTANT PAIN AWAY: Great massage balls to eliminate muscle knots and release the tightness in your body. The trigger point massage balls work wonders on your feet, back, hands, and any other muscles.
COMPLETE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Hit the pressure points perfectly and rejuvenate all areas of your body. It’s a fantastic way to release tension and stress
PROFESSIONAL COMBO: You get 2 x lacrosse massage balls 2.4 inches and 2 x spiky massage balls 3.5 inches accompanied by a workout guide and carrying case which keeps the balls from rolling all over the house.

Mini Exercise Ball – 9 Inch – Stability Ball with Pump – Best for Pilates, Barre and Core Workouts – Bonus Workout Ebook

DEVELOP LONG STRONG LEAN MUSCLES AND TONE YOUR BOD FROM TOP TO TOE ★ This ball helps develop your core, butt strength and improve your posture. These balls are designed to make your workouts more challenging or simply bring it to work with you for an instant improvement in posture (check the free ebook for more information)
SO PORTABLE IT FITS IN YOUR PURSE ★ A free pump is provided that easily inflates the ball in under a minute. There are instructions on how to inflate provided in your free ebook. The ball holds air well being used daily by our Pilates and Physical Therapy team. It also deflates easily so you never miss a workout again if you are travelling for business or holiday.
MORE HYGIENIC BRING YOUR OWN BALL TO THE STUDIO ★ These mini stability balls are the same strong durable extra grippy stench free balls used around the world in your favourite Barre, Pilates and Yoga classes. AND If you are super busy at work or studying and can’t squeeze in a Pilates or Barre class this is perfect for your Youtube home exercise class or your fave Pilates App.