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The Stick Muscle Massage Tool


Big Stick 30″ – Very Stiff. Favorite for weight lifters and football players.
Power Stick 27″ – For those with moderately increased muscle mass.
Flex Stick 26.5″ – Most flexible of the long models. Great to reach all the muscles.

Kinesiology Tape (2-Inch x 16.4-Feet),Pro Sports & Athletic Taping for Knee,Shin Splints,Shoulder and Muscle by LanbaoU(2 Rolls)

【Value Pack】Blue and Black rolls each 16.4′ long,use for all kinds of Sports such as Weightlifting, Running, Gym, Tennis, Swimming and other Fitness Activity.
【Function】Relieves pain and supports muscles and joints,creats neuromuscular feedback and facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons.
【Professional Design】Lanbao Kinesiology Tape’s unique Matrix Mesh is specially designed to provide 170% elasticity – the same as human skin.


Aqua Fitness Dumbbell,2 Pcs EVA Foam Heavy Resistance Barbells Pool Barbell Float Aqua Exercises Equipment For Water Aerobics

$28.99 $28.70

MATERIAL:The aqua dumbells are made from professional grade foam, absorb very little water and easily dry out between uses. UV & bacteria resistant plus water beads right off EVA foam for super fast drying.
HIGHER RESISTANCE DUMBBEL:This is a higher resistance dumbbell. Lightweight, but will present great resistance for your exercise in the water.Work your upper body as well as your lower back and ABS for a total fitness workout.
HIGHER CALORIE BURN:Providing buoyancy and low water Absorption.Water-based training burns calories-the greater the resistance in the water, the higher calorie burn you’ll experience.

Sports Chamois – Water absorbing synthetic shammy


Need to get dry quickly? We have your tool! BeLuBud’s water chamois towel can be used for all water sports (diving, swimming, polo, surfing, boating, etc).
But don’t limit its use just to water sports. Use this shammy to dry your car, pet care, household choirs, cooling towel, etc.
If chamois air dries, don’t fear, simply wet it again and you are ready to go.

Therapy Putty Resistive Hand Exercise Kit,Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation (2oz)


• Therapeutic hand putty for range of motion and progressive strengthening exercises. Ideal for strengthening the wrists, hands, and fingers. Our putty can also be used as a stress releasing activity.
• Four color-coded levels of thickness: soft, medium, firm, extra firm.
• Each container includes 2 ounces of premium quality therapy material ideal for hand exercising. Two ounces of putty material is approximately the volume of a large egg and will accommodate most hands

Therapy Grip Balls – Relieves Stresses & Strengthen Your Fingers, Palm, Forearms, Wrist – Hand Squeeze Exerciser – 3 Resistance Levels = Soft, Medium & Firm – Perfect Strengthening Kit for Work/Home


PERFECT STRESS RELIEF FOR HANDS – When you know your hands are your most valuable asset why ignore their health. Keep your fingers, hands & forearms supple and strong with simple daily exercises using these balls and improve grip strength, dexterity and mobility. These balls will also help improve strength, prevent stiffness, relieve joint pain and increase flexibility.
COMES IN VARYING STRENGTHS – The package includes 3 balls which come in three different colors and varying resistances of soft, medium and firm for your specific needs and personalized progression. So, start with a soft one and gradually move on to firmer one as your fingers, Palm and Forearm acquire the required strength.
USE IT ANYWHERE – Why compromise your fitness just because you don’t get time. Excuses wouldn’t work with these as the balls can be used anywhere, be it your home, office, outdoor trips or long distance travel – and can be used even while you are doing some other work. These light weight and easy to carry balls will occupy little space in your bag, however, will prove to be extremely handy.


TheraBand Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit For Water Resistance Training for Upper/Lower Body, Pool Physical Therapy, Water Aerobics Equipment, 2 Fins, Mesh Bag, and Quick Start Exercise Instructions

$50.64 $49.99

Work out in the water and tone and strengthen legs and lower back, inner and outer thighs, arms, chest and upper back
One-size-fits-all cuffs and Predator Fins are made of soft Santoprene rubber for strength and flexibly and can be worn comfortably on the wrists or ankles for full body conditioning
Drag resistance is adjusted by rotating the fins