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Aqua Jogger Classic Belt – Blue

$50.95 $35.00

Designed to suspend the body in the water at a shoulder-level position to allow for freedom and security to perform a variety of workouts in deep and shallow water
Wider area of foam positioned against and supporting the lower back
Narrows as it wraps around the waist for a comfortable fit below the ribs

Aqua Fitness Flotation Belt, Adjustable Strap, Water Aerobics, Aquatic Low Impact Workout, Resistance Training


ENHANCE TONE and INCREASE CARDIO PERFORMANCE – GREAT RESULTS: Flotation belt provides the buoyancy you’ll need to enjoy a high results, less stressful workout
STRENGTHENS MUSCLES: Aqua Fitness dumbbells and webbed gloves create resistance in the water as you move through full range of motion to strengthen muscles
BURNS CALORIES: Water-based training burns calories-the greater the resistance in the water, the higher calorie burn you’ll experience