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Pro Weight Adjustable Strap Ankle Weights, 14-lb pair (up to 7-lbs per ankle) Premium ✦ Durable Ankle Weights for Ab, Leg & Glute Exercises ✦ First Rate Fitness Equipment for Men & Women


Comes in pair. This 12-pound set includes two ankle weights that weigh 6 pounds each.
One size fits all. Secure, velcro straps secure weights to ankle. Perfect for weight training and rehabilitation.
PLEASE NOTE: the strap is adjustable and not the weights. Our price for this item is very competitive. These ankle weights are quite weighty. We suggest to wear socks under them to reduce the possibility of slippage during exercise.

AZSPORT 3lb*2 lb Ankle and Wrist Weights for Men and Women,1Pair


Designed for comfort and durability with reinforced stitching and neoprene padding
Easily switch from ankle to wrist with its Velcro pad. It’s fully adjustable so you can use it for your ankles, wrists, legs and hands
Must have for home workouts like walking, jogging, core training, Cross Training, aerobics, gym and many other fitness workouts


SHOUNg Personalised Ankle Weights / Wrist Weights with Adjustable Strap (Polka Dot Print, 2 – 4lbs)

$29.99 $16.00

Classic Pattern – The lighter color instantly lifts the look and softens the palette. And these dots make you look really fashion.
Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor or Gym Exercises & Fitness – Weight set for 2 – 4 pounds ; Each 1-2lbs. It goes well with other movements and can enhance the effect of workout.
Adjustable Strap Ankle and Wrist Weights Set for Men, Women, and Kids – The weights can be put on hands or legs while walking, running, exercising or dancing to boost calorie-burning. Adjustable strap which is suitable for the usage of various sizes.

Ankle Straps for Cable Machines by Vfit -2 Packs Strong Velcro, Durable D-Ring, Adjustable Comfort fit Neoprene – Premium Ankle Cuffs to Enhance Abs, Glute & Leg Kickback Workouts – For Men & Women


TOP QUALITY specially designed with high quality & extra neoprene to double the comfort, with heavy duty Velcro that designed for beginners to intermediate level Workout.
TONE & BURN – Bring your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as: Cable Kickbacks, Cable Hip Abduction & Adduction, Cable Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Lunges, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions..and many more! Improve your leg workouts and see the difference you can make in your strength and in the physical appearance of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
FUNCTION – FITGIRL Ankle Strap has a thick neoprene padding, making it the most comfortable ankle cuff on the market. The 2 inch support strap is secured with heavy duty velcro, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off. This strap adjusts to fit any ankle size effortlessly.

Contraband Black Label 3030 2in Heavy Duty Nylon Ankle or Wrist Cuff


SINGLE OR DOUBLE CUFFS – Sold as a single, you can purchase two for a pair.
HEAVY DUTY NYLON STRAP W/ VELCRO – This 2in heavy duty nylon strap can handle hundreds of pounds, limited only by the velcro. A large 12sq inch piece of velcro rated at 15lbs per square inch means that when the velcro is matched up, this strap should handle an incredible 180lbs of force!!!
SOLID METAL D-RING – Contraband ankle cuffs use a large solid D-ring which means there is no gap and no possibility of the metal bending or breaking.


Yes4All Ankle / Wrist Weight Pair Set with Adjustable Strap – Multi Weight & Color Available


HIGH-QUALITY NEOPRENE MATERIAL WITH STURDY STITCHES: Specially designed with soft smooth neoprene material to prevent abrasion on your skin, while reinforced stitching and sturdy outer trim prevent the iron sand leaking out
STURDY ADJUSTABLE VELCRO STRAP: Secure D-ring and a large Velcro band provide a greater fit for your ankle/wrist weights
PERFECT FOR FITNESS, CARDIO EXERCISES OR PHYSICAL THERAPY: Add resistance and challenge to increase lower body strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and coordination for physical therapy. Great for walking, jogging, and core training