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ZoN Wrist and Forearm Roller


Bar is made of steel with EVA Foam hand grips.
Nylon cord is securely attached to weight plate holder and hand bar.
Builds forearm strength, wrist strength and flexibility and increased hand strength.

Lifeline Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley


1- 7 foot braided Nylon cord with smooth action pulley, two soft cushion rotator handles for added comfort, two patented grip-all ball equipped handles for rope length adjustment
One door attachment, one Instructional brochure,
Foam cushion assistive grip. Note: Metal Door Hook Not Included

IBAMA Arm Strength Fitness Exerciser Machine Office Sub-Health Relief Trainer-Hydraulic Pressure Patented Chest Expander Fitness Bar

Durable and Solid: Solidly constructed machine, made of metal with rubber covered handles
Resistance Range: To increase or decrease the resistance, simply switch knob to left or right. Resistance is between 5 to 60 kilogram
Safety Pressurize Exerciser: Unlike other spring based exercisers, with the IBAMA you compress the special liquid instead of bending the bar, protecting you and your families safety.

WINMAX Chest Expander and Core Strengthener Adjustable Weight Resistance Core Strengthening 5 Latex/Rubber Resistance Rope/Tubes with Safe Cover

— REMOVABLE TUBES: All of the 5 resistance tubes are removable, so it is easy for beginners to choose the suitable resistance to allow them to start strengthening their chest and core muscles. The tension of each tube is 10 kg (22lbs) . It is recommended that you use 3 tubes at the beginning and then to work yourself up to a higher weight
— KEEP FIT: Using our system will enable you to get a rock-hard core group of muscles including your chest (pectoral muscles), back muscles, shoulders, arms and lats to increase your overall confidence, and to help you become content with your upper body. Using this daily will give you some quick results in as little to 6 to 8 weeks
— CONVENIENT: Our Core Muscle Strengthener is 65cm (26inch) long and 12cm (4.7inch) wide and lightweight. It is very convenient to bring it out, so you can exercise where you want. Exercise in your room, office or some other place that is private so you never have to worry about being self-conscious in a gym in front of people that have been working our for years

1pcs Leg Arm Muscle Chest Thigh Master Exercise Fitness Gym Sport Slim Equipment Tool


The thigh master system is designed to firm, tone and strengthen all areas of your body including your hips, thighs, buttocks, upper and lower arms, chest, stomach and upper back.
Compact design and weight saving materials mean this can be packed into a small space for use when traveling
Limitless range of effective toning exercises for thighs, triceps, buttocks, hips, pecs, arms, check, back, and stomach

Body-Solid GPCA1 Preacher Curl Attachment


Preacher curl attachment compatible with Body-Solid’s GFID71, GFID31, and GDIB46L benches
Puts users in precise proper position to isolate and optimize biceps, triceps, and forearm muscle workouts
Extra-thick DuraFirm pads are soft yet supportive, and guaranteed not to break down over time

ShoulderHorn, Size 2, Medium/Large, Rotator Cuff Training Device


SIZE 2, Medium/Large, is for people who stand up to 6′ tall and weigh up to 200 lbs
Locks your shoulder and arms to train/rehabilitate the shoulder in an “abducted external rotation” which trains your shoulders to work against great loads like lifting, throwing, and other overhead motions common in many sports.
Designed so the weight of the upper arm is supported in the correct position, which isolates and strengthens primarily the muscles of rotator cuff, which is critical to strength and rehabilitation of the shoulder.

SPRI Wrist Roller


Attachment clip is compatible with all weight plates
Complete wrist, hand & forarm workout
Durable heavy-duty rope & rubber handles