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2-Pack Hex Bolts for Olympic Bars / Olympic Bar Replacement Bolt

$11.99 $11.49

2 pack of specialized hex bolts for Olympic bars. No need to buy a new bar just because you lost the bolt – our 2-pack has you covered. We’ll have you back lifting weights in no time!
Olympic bars have a very specialized hex bolt at the end of the bar, integral to keeping the weights in-place. With a very specific size, thread and pitch, it can be tough to find a replacement – until now!
Compatible with olympic bars, curl bars, tricep bars and olympic dumbell bars, our replacement bolts are a perfect fit (2 per pack). Requires an allen key for proper installation on your weightlifting equipment


Champion Reactor Work Out Bar


48” long weighted steel bars
Rubber coated foam covers bars for easy grip while exercising
Great for incorporating into squats, lunges, dead lifts, bicep curls and dead rows