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XMark Chisel Olympic Curl Bar, Olympic EZ Curl Bar Used with Preacher Curl Benches, Dumbbell Benches, Bicep Curl and Triceps Bar Exercises


The CHISEL, XMark’s top of the line Olympic EZ Curl Bar, with it’s 4 Needle Bearings ensures a smoother, quieter spin.
The XMark CHISEL sports a black manganese phosphate 28mm shaft found only in high quality bars. Of the numerous phosphate coatings available, manganese phosphate coatings are the hardest, while providing unbeatable corrosion and abrasion protection. In comparison, black oxide is simply an iron oxide film while zinc phosphate is a lighter alternative to manganese phosphate.
The design of the XMark CHISEL places your arms in a more natural position, therefore promoting comfort and reducing injuries when performing curls.

IPR Fitness Hip Thrust X “Patent Pending” 100% Made in The USA

ULTRA COMFORTABLE – Unlike any exercise pad you’ve used in the past! The bar will stay much more stable on your hips, allowing you to REALLY FOCUS on your Glutes!
“To obey the booty you must thrust! The IPR Fitness hip thrust pad is the most comfortable pad I’ve used. It allows you to load up the bar with heavy weight and make thrusting a breeze.” – Michelle Hurst / IFBB Bikini Pro
Class leading design & dense cross-linked foam structure takes all the uneven pressure off your hips and legs.

Pump Sports – Barbell Pad – Exercise More, Build Muscle and Feel Better Squat Pad, This Rack Pad is Perfect for Crossfit, Weightlifting, Hip Thrusts, and More! The Bar Pad for Olympic and 2″ Bars


PROTECT YOUR BODY – Less Pain, More Gain. The extra thick design allows you to exercise more without the discomfort and injury.
MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUTS – The Pump Sports Squat Pad reduces impact and discomfort and allows you to focus on whats really important, building a stronger body!
MULTI PURPOSE – Whether you’re doing Squats, Lunges, Hip Thrusts, Cross Fit, Weight lifting, Power Lifting, or more. The Pump Sports Rack pad will help you to meet your goals!


REP Gladiator Olympic Bar – 1500 lb Rated with Needle Bearing Rotation – Elite Barbell for Cross-Training, Olympic Weightlifting, and Power Lifting


Strength & Whip: A true Olympic bar at 28mm diameter (25mm for 15kg) for an easy grip, and at 230k tensile strength with a 1500 lb rating, bending this bar will not be an issue. Cheaper bars use a lesser grade steel and add thickness to the bar. 28mm gives great whip to the barbell, making it great for mixed-use.
Coating: Hard chrome coating has the most rust resistance and lowest maintenance of any coating available. This is an expensive coating that is avoided by other bar manufacturers who typically use an oxide coating that rusts.
Spin: With 5 needle bearings per sleeve, the spin is smooth and the turn-over during cleans and snatches is phenomenal.