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Crossactiv Coresystem – 2 Push up Bars PLUS 2 Core Sliders. FREE Exercise Ebook! Gliding Discs and Push up Stands create an ultimate core workout at home or gym! A total core training pack!

THE CORESYSTEM is the ultimate core training solution – it provides abdominal workouts and phenomenal core training! It brings together core slider glide discs and push up bars in one solution! Nothing like this exists on Amazon!
2 FREE MULTIPLE MOVE exercise guides for the sliders and push up bars for revolutionary core training exercises which our customers keep telling us have changed their workouts forever!
ULTRA LOW PROFILE and are CUSTOM BUILT, so the sliders are light, smooth, and have effortless movement and the push up bars are strong, super comfortable, with a wide grip. You can train your core, abs, do WODs, crossfit, cardio workouts and not worry about hurting yourself!

Core Exercise Sliders Gliding Discs, Pink – Sliding Home/Gym Full Body Workout Training Fitness Equipment – Slide/Glide Tone & Strengthen Abdominal and Gluteal Muscles – Dual Sided for all floor types

FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED: Different gliders exercises makes it perfect for all levels of fitness & sports. Core sliders provides an improvement on your stability, cardio, strength and toning and over time you will be able to work on advanced exercises using this exact same low-cost gliding discs
LOW IMPACT: Training with sliding discs your feet & hands never leave the floor. This is great so you can have an abdominal or full body training with minimal impact on tendons and joints. Use them in different workouts – aerobic, Pilates, yoga, crossfit, muscle shaping even stretching & compound movements
LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: Portable gliding discs comes with a carry bag for convenience and protection. Fit any backpack size or simply take the bag for the gym, hotel room or park so you can slide n glide anywhere


Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

$149.00 $59.55

Abdominal chair designed to work upper abs, lower abs and oblique’s
Backrest includes padded massage rollers that pivot with your body
Padded swivel seat twists and turns with your lower abs for core strengthening

Astir Waist Trimmer Ab Belt For Women & Men•Extra Long (44”), Extra Wide (9”), & Extra Flexible Sweat Belt with Maximum Abdominal Coverage•Non-Slip Surface for Max Waist Slimming•Lifetime Guarantee


SPECIAL, LIMITED-TIME OFFER: For a limited time, buy one Astir Belt and get one 25% off; Use Promo Code RHREZZ6S at checkout for your discount!
BURN OFF CALORIES & SHED STUBBORN FAT: Our belts are fine-tuned to get rid of unwanted fat by raising your body’s core temperature and stimulating water loss so you can achieve the body you want.
EXTRA LONG, EXTRA WIDE, EXTRA FLEXIBLE: Measuring 44″ long and 9″ wide, the Astir Belt offers the most abdominal coverage of any ab belt, easily making it the most versatile waist trimmer. The fully adjustable Velcro strap ensures a sturdy and comfortable fit on waists up to 48

Gliding Discs (1 Pair Core Sliders) – Full Body Workout Video Included – Dual Sided Sliding Discs for Use on Carpet or Hardwood Floors – Great for Full Body Workout, CrossFit, Cross Training

FULLY VERSATILE: Our Gliding Discs are Excellent For Home Workouts with Versatile Design, Double-Sided (Smooth Side for Carpets – Fabric Side for Hard Floors)
SLIDE YOUR WAY TO A BETTER PHYSIQUE: Target Individual Muscle Groups, Workout the Entire Body, Build Core Strength and Improve Range of Motion with our Sliding Discs
IMPROVE BODY COMPOSITION: Excellent for Muscle Building & Conditioning While Tightening Your Core and Improving Cardio

Relefree Waist Trimmer Belt, Adjustable Ab Sauna Belt for Women or Men with Maximum Abdominal Coverage-Non-Slip Surface for Max Waist Slimming

MOBILE SAUNA, PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS – Relefree waist trimmer belt is made of 3.5mm thick Neoprene, it snuggly and stays tight around your waist to generate and trap heat, create a portable sauna around your waist, really makes you sweat and take away toxins, maximise calorie burn, and get the curves you have always wanted
TIGHTEN YOUR ABS & IMPROVE POSTURE – Wearing an Relefree neoprene waist trimmer, you will immediately notice improved posture as it strengthens your lower back muscles and supports your stance as well as heating and soothing back muscles
UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL FIT, & DURABILITY – The Relefree Belt is made of the high quality flexible neoprene. The outer layer is composed of a breathable, durable, and super stretchy nylon fabric optimal fits your body shape. The inner layer is a special non-slip surface that repels moisture and prevents slipping or moving during use. You can wear it under any Work Out apparel

Epitomie Fitness BIO Ab Roller Wheel – Ab Carver Exercise Equipment with Fitness Mat to Strengthen Abdominals and Tone Core


★ MAXIMUM STABILITY – The BIO Core is the only ab roller available today that uses RUBBER wheels for maximum stability on any surface. Unlike other ab wheels, you can now train anywhere, even on smooth floors, to tone and build your abs, back, shoulders and arms.
★ BONUS WORKOUT MAT – A high quality knee mat is included in the package along with the abdominal wheel so you can finally say “goodbye” to bruised knees. The kneeling mat is made from high density EVA foam to provide maximum protection and comfort for your knees.
★ ERGONOMIC PERFORMANCE GRIPS – Thick ergonomically designed memory foam handles have been added the ab wheel to increase grip and overall comfort during workouts and even for prolonged use. Never slip and feel uncomfortable gripping an ab carver again.

TAILONG Sports Waist Trainer Corset Girdle Workout Shaper Fitness Slimming Belt

This belt has no hook&eyes.This belt offers an easy way of losing out excess body weight and have an ideal slim physique. Its unique fibers and material produce higher compression. It can increase your body temperature to make you sweat and leads to healthy weight loss.
You can wear it under your favorite clothes and enjoy exercising sports, hiking or just wear it at home while performing daily tasks. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout and fat burn, expedite calorie burning
It will help you sweat more with its internal texture. The outer texture absorbs sweat, moisture and lowers down your weight. And you’re always dry on the outside.

Mat for Ab Muscle Workout

Provides full range of motion for training obliques and ab muscles , doing crunches and sit-ups
Removes strain and stress from your lower back and maximizes the effectiveness of every sit up , crunch , and six inchers on your abs
Ergonomically designed to mimic the curve of your lumbar so that you get a full extension on the way down and utilize your full range of contraction on the way up