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Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells – Pair


Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells are an aquatic exercise tool, aiding in the strengthening of biceps, triceps, shoulders and core.
By combining two Wave Eater racing lane floats with a lightweight handle, the turbo-reactive discs produce even resistance through all planes of motion underwater.
Water Workout Dumbbells have fillable handles making them ideal for individual fitness, water therapy, and water aerobics programs.


Yes4All Rubber Hex Dumbbell (Single) – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 lbs


SINGLE SOLID CAST IRON CORE: Constructed of high-quality solid cast iron core to add more durability & stability. Will not break or bend after repeated use
HEXAGONAL RUBBER HEADS: Special shape prevents rolling away from the storage place or during your floor exercise, while rubber coating reduces noise and protects your workout area
NON SLIP-GRIP: Contoured textured Chrome handle minimizes hand fatigue while maximizing grip comfort and controlling

GYMENIST Dumbbell Set of 6 Total Dumbbells with Foldable Rack That Can Stand for Display or Folded for Travel and Storage These Weights (Set Includes 3 Pairs)

Set Includes 3 Pairs: 2 X 1-LB ___ 2 X 2-LB ___2 X 3-LB ___ For A Total of 6 Vinyl Coated Dumbbells Every Size Come In A Different Color, [1-LB HOT PINK] _ [2-LB LIGHT BLUE] _ [3-LB LAVENDER]
Dumbbells Are Covered in Soft Durable Vinyl Material for Non Slip Grip And to Protect the Floor if it Gets Dropped
Great Gift Includes Rack That Fits The Dumbbells Perfectly, The Rack Can Stand For Display Or it Can Also Be Folded For Storage And Travel The Dumbbells Around

Rep Rubber Hex Dumbbells, with Low Odor and Fully Knurled Handle


2.5 to 50 lbs include a PAIR of dumbbells. 55 lbs and up are sold as singles.
Premium low odor rubber, fully knurled straight handle, secure press-fit and welded handle to secure dumbbell head to handle.
Fully knurled straight handle with 28mm diameter from 5 to 20 lbs, and 34mm diameter handle for 25+ lbs. 34mm diameter adds comfort for heavy dumbbells, and full knurl offers superior grip versus semi-knurled “ergonomic” handles


CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Dumbbells, Pair


Cast iron dumbbells are vinyl-coated for durability and to help protect you, the floor and other fitness equipment
Help tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders and back
Hexagonal shape for easy stacking and roll-free use