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Empower Fusion Fit Disc


Comfortable and ergonomic shell is easy to grip and soft on your hands and nails
10lb weighted disc perfect for both cardio and strength workouts – scientifically proven up to 50% more effective for working the core than a kettlebell, medicine ball, or dumbbells
Versatile Fusion Fit Disc can be used to do kettlebell, medicine ball, and dumbbell moves


CFF Kettlebell Wrist Guard


Padded wrist guards were custom designed for kettlebell lifters (Kettlebell not included)
Avoid forearm discomfort with a layer of protection against impact
Hard injection molded plastic plate that protects your wrists from getting bruised or broke


Body-Solid Kettle Bell Rack

$82.85 $79.23

Product Dimensions: 20″W x 19″D x 21″H – 19 Lbs
Stores 6 total kettlebells, any size 5-50lbs
3 offset tiers for easy access

Rogue Fitness | Rogue Barbell Cleaning Kit


(1) Rogue branded wooden handle nylon bristle brush
(1) 3oz 3-in-ONE® Brand Multipurpose Oil
Unlike many similar products sold at home improvement and appliance stores, both the 3-in-One oil and brush are made in the USA and time tested specifically for barbell upkeep. The nylon bristles on the Rogue brush also make it safe for use on any type of finish.