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Estink Hanging Pull Up Boots,1 Pair Black Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots Therapy Gym Fitness Physio Hang Spine Posture with Comfortable Foam Padding and Safe Locking Clips

$45.99 $39.99

MATERIAL: Foam with steel buckle
COMFORTABLE FOAM PADDING AND STURDY HOOKS:Comfortable padded sides for contoured fit around your ankles. Sturdy hooks fit over bars and buckles close the pads.
ALLEVIATE BACK PAINS AND MUSCLE SPASMS:If you have experienced these or other issues related to muscle or back pain, you can possibly relieve it and stretch neck, back and shoulder muscles with the fitness gravity boots. Hanging upside down has several benefits, such as stretching muscles, spreading compressed spinal discs apart, and relieving back pain.


HEALTHYMODELLIFE Healthy Model Life Silk Aerial Yoga Swing & Hammock Kit for Improved Yoga Inversions, Flexibility & Core Strength

$129.99 $49.99

★COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES HARDWARE – No need to purchase extra hardware or figure out complicated pieces. This swing is set up and ready to hang on arrival. The daisy chain makes hanging simple for anyone.
★SOFT SILKY MATERIAL – Authentic to Indian Aerial Yoga, this high quality material is soft to the touch and eases transitions from pose to pose. You will notice the difference from parachute silk immediately.
★FIND PEACE – To get the best yoga swing experience, you need to be using the highest quality hardware. There is simply not a better Aerial Yoga Swing on the market. We stand by our customer ratings!

Confidence Fitness Inversion Table, Black

Decompression of spine alleviates back pain, stimulates blood flow, reduces fatigue, relaxes and reduces stress
Adjustable height for Use by anyone from 4′ 10 inch to 6′ 6, side covers to prevent trapped fingers, 12 month Warranty included, sturdy steel construction
Armrest height: 48″, dimensions assembled: 63″ (H) x 26.8″ (w) x 54.3″ (L)

Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine


Accommodates users up to 300 pounds in weight and from 5’1″ to 6’6″ in height
New and improved adjustable inversion depth bolt design is safer than old strap systems
Adjustable padded ankle supports, extra-long soft grip handles


EUROSPORTS High Load Capacity Aerial Yoga Swing/Inversion/ Hammock/Sling for Flying Antigravity with a Carrying Bag


High Load Capacity, Safety Guaranteed: Made of smooth, high strength polyester taffeta. Hold up to 450 lbs, have a capacity of bearing two people, our Aerial yoga swing always put your safety in the first place.
Unique Advantages: Large bearing yoga swing, size about 2.5m*1.5m (98.42″ * 59.05″), including 6 comfortable thick padded foam handles and a spacious triple stitched swing seat, fits any Aerial pose you like.
Widely Used Place: You can hang it anywhere such as room celling, basement, door frame beam ,wood beams, we provide 4 strong carabiners to hang it and a free portable bag to carry, Start your training anytime, anywhere.

Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table with Memory Foam Lumbar Pad


Large Memory Foam Backrest and Padded Removable Head Pillow for comfortable inverting
Universal Lumbar Pad for Hot/Cold Compress (Hot/Cold Compress NOT included)
Five (5) position Adjustable pin system with added Patent Pending Protective Cover for easy positioning and safer inverting over strap systems


Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

$174.50 $39.99

1.VERSATILITY- Perform a Wide Variety of Exercises
2.BENEFITS- Prevent and Relieve various diseases caused by long time sitting and standing , such as cardiovascular disease, lumbar, cervical spondylosis and so on
3.SAFETY- High strength stainless steel hooks and double easy-installed locks for your safety