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1UP Thigh Blaster Thigh, Butt, Leg & Arm Toner


Tighten and tone : effective toning for thighs, triceps, buttocks, pecs, arms, hips, and oblique’s
High resistance with comfort : the big mike’s fitness thigh blaster is made with a spring-loaded steel core covered with a soft yet durable foam
Lightweight and durable : compact design and weight saving materials allow for this thigh trimmer to be taken anywhere

Apricari Athletics Core Sliders, Best Gliders For Ab Workouts, Travel Bag & Exercise Guide Included, Top Crossfit & Abdominal Workout Discs On Carpet and Hardwood, Fitness Equipment For Great Abs

ABS YOU’LL WANT TO SHOW OFF: These core sliders will set you on the path to great abs and a killer core workout. Simple, but challenging, they’re perfect for everyone. Whether you do crossfit or zumba, are a gym rat or a total beginner athlete, this is the perfect tool to mix up your routine!
NEVER GET BORED OF YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE AGAIN: From lunges and mountain climbers, to pushups and planks, your options are endless with these sliders. This is your chance to get creative with your cardio, tighten your core, and even strengthen your arms and legs all with just one small piece of equipment. It’s the perfect total body workout.
THE PERFECT TRAVEL BUDDY: Whether you’re at a hotel, your office, the gym, or your own home, these sliders are your secret weapon. With dual sides that work on both carpet and hardwood floors, and a travel bag too, you’ll have no excuse to skip your daily workout.


Gliding Discs – Core Sliders for Strength and Stability – Abdominal and Glutes Exercise Slides for Home and Gym Work Out – Works on Carpet and Hardwood Floors by AARDVARK

$21.99 $10.99

GLIDING DISCS FOR GLUTES!: Gain Leg and Glute Strength with Bodyweight Strength Sliding Exercises using our gliding discs
DYNAMIC STABILITY TRAINING: Gliding Discs Transform Ordinary Push Ups, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, and Side Squats into Challenging Core Exercises
SIMPLE AND EASY – WORK OUT ON THE GO – Say Goodbye to Expensive and Bulky Glider Boards, Slider Mats, Slide Boards, Booties, and Other Gimmicky Equipment

Sting Ray – Front Squat Stabilizer


Lifts the bar off the collar bone allowing full expansion of the rib cage.
Provides easy bar control without stressing shoulder, elbow, or wrists
Allows the widest rack on the body by moving the load out to the front delt.


The Fitter Sitter

$69.99 $39.95

The new Fitter Sitter gives you a lower back workout while sitting at your desk or watching TV.
You can increase your heart rate, exercise your legs, and burn calories while sitting down.
The Fitter SItter can be used my young and old alike, and is especially useful for the elderly and those who don’t want to walk in bad weather.

Camellias Waist Trimmer – Adjustable Ab Belt for Men & Women to shed the excess Water,Waist Trainer Stomach Wrap Enjoy Sweet Abdominal Muscle & Back Support

Fits Arms up to 15″/Thighs up to 24″
UPPER ARM & THIGH SLIMMER KIT: Get rid of flabby arms and stubborn inner thigh fat using these specially designed anti cellulite compression wraps for weight loss – Three Adjustable Sizes to choose from for an extra tight fit
ANTI-SLIP GRID TECHNOLOGY: Using the same innovative technology pioneered by the TNT Waist Trimmer belt, the TNT Arm & Thigh Slimmer Kit is engineered with a special non-slip grid interior surface to prevent slipping, bunching, and moving of any kind!

Darhoo Pedal Resistance Loop Bands Available for Shaping Muscles Arms Buttocks Legs and Back Home Portable Outdoor and Gym Strength Training Equipment


Size: 52 * 28cm; Maximum stretching: 120cm
100% brand new with high quality, product is made of enviromental foam, and tube is made of high elastic latex, which is healthy to body.
Very effective and easy to use, handle and foam pedals to nicely fit into your hands and around your feet. High elastic latex tube, high tensile strength, tens of thousands of times by tensile testing, safe, durable


Total Gym 1100

$199.99 $133.98

Strengthens and tones multiple major muscle groups simultaneously
Delivers a total body workout in only 10-20 minutes
Over 60 different exercises – cardio, strength training & stretch all on 1 machine