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Mini Leg Press


Large diamond plate – 32″ x 16″
3 position safety stop on 2″ centers
3 position carriage stop

Brand New Headrang Face line Contour V-line Machine


Headrang gives pressure on jawbone, cheekbones, skin layers, masseter, and buccinators to induce reform in the bones, muscles, and skin formations in order to correct face line, volume and size of the face
Headrang continuously gives pressure on the jawbone and cheekbones through the frame which was researched and developed with minimum hindrance on blood circulation
Headrang has symmetrical structure of left and right. It provides equal pressure on the face through pressurizing plate made with 3D shape and realizes V-line face line


KMMIN Spiky Massage Ball, Massage Ball Roller Set – Lacrosse and Foot Spiky Ball Perfect for Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Back, Neck, Deep Tissue Massage, Physical Therapy Equipment Includes Holder Bag

$29.99 $7.99

✮ WITHSTAND REPETITIVE AND HEAVY DUTY USE. The Kmmin exercise balls are made of eco-friendly and non-toxic strengthened PVC material and high density rubber. Unlike other massage balls when you get it, it doesn’t have the horrible rubber smell. They are made of without air outlet hole but strong enough to support even the largest of people, so you do not need to refill air into it and adjusting its toughness.
✮ FIRE AND ICE. Perfect Combo Spiky massage ball and smooth ball to be a great way to remove trouble spots on your body. Use the spikey balls first, get the skin nice and red and dig in there for a few minutes then switch over to the smooth rubber ball and its feels so comforting and get a serious relaxing sensation.
✮ EXCELLENT FOR SELF-MASSAGE.These massage balls are ideal for relax muscles, relieve tension and tightness, eliminate knots and muscle stress. Use different type of balls to gets deep tissue massage in shoulder blades, upper back, lower back, hips, glutes, feet and hands. Fantastic for relieving everyday aches and pains as well has soreness from a workout.


Anfan Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Climbing Machine, Exercise Equipment Climber for Home Gym, Exercise Bike for Home Body Trainer (US Stock)

$251.39 $178.99

[GUARANTEED QUALITY ]Made of durable Steel alloy, our climber exercise machine is a kind of high-qualified light weight construction, which can hold riders weight up to 220lb and withstand long term use.
[MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DISPLAY] LCD screen can track your time, speed, distance and calories burned, provides an effective training plan which keeps all of the important data in view throughout your workout.
[EASY ASSEMBLY]Secure and removable pin assembly, simple to assemble in minutes and easy storage without taking up space.