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CFF Grip Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plates (Pair)


There is no mistake when identifying a CFF Olympic plate with “Oly” TM, our Olympic Lifting Guy Logo. Rubber coating with easy to read sizes
Machined tolerance: Accurate within +/- 2% or better of stated weight
Patented 4 Slot Grip Design (In conjunction with Iron Grip)

Deadlift Wedge LIFT-EZ Portable Barbell Jack for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Gym


SAVE YOUR BACK – for your lifts. Easily add plates without having to fuss with additional 45s or bumper plates dragging on the ground and wasting energy lifting the bar end to get them to slide on.
SAVE TIME – easily roll the inermost plate up the ramp, load additional plates, roll off. Repeat for other side. READY TO LIFT!
SAVE MONEY & SPACE – deadlift jacks are expensive and take up space. Most gyms can only afford 1 or 2, but have multiple lifters training at the same time. LIFT-EZ wedges are the solution.

45 lbs Olympic Rubber Grip Plate


Rubber Olympic Grip Plate: 45 lbs. / 20.4 kg
Cast Iron Plate Comes with an Institutional Quality Rubber Coating / Wide-Flanged Design
Includes 3 Slotted Grip Areas which Raise the Plate off the Ground Providing Easier Lifting and Loading from a Prone or Angled Position


SPRI Adjustable Barbell Set (All Items Sold Individually)

$44.98 $37.99

40-Pound adjustable barbell set
Perfect for total-body strength conditioning, circuit training and boot camp-style classes
Set includes a 5-Pound, 54-Inch bar, a pair of 1-Inch spring collars and pairs of 2.5, 5 and 10-Pound easy grip, rubber-encased weight plates

CFF Pair Pro Style Dumbbell Rubber End Cap


Our black end plates have a recessed area for poundage decals
Each plate weighs 1.25 lbs so a pair of these will add 2.5 lbs to the actual weight of your dumbbell.
The overall diameter is 4-5/8″ (4.625″) and .325″ Thick. The center bolt hole is .717″ I.D.