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Jump Rope – Best for Boxing MMA Training Fitness – Speed – Adjustable – Premium Quality – Rope skipping

High Quality Rope – German milled steel cabling with a high quality PVC coating for smooth rotation and a lower friction coefficient, resulting in the ultimate speed roping experience
Fully adjustable Wire Cable-Fits people of all sizes using the adjustable screw or a wire cutter
With Bearing-Double bearing design ensures fast spinning – No friction – No tangling like the typical long ropes.Perfect for double unders.


Gudessly 1 Pair Sauna Leg Slimming Thigh Belt Sweats Lose Weight Body Shaper Support Leg Warm Stretch Neoprene Wrap


100% Nylon outer,Neoprene in middle 100% Polyester inner with embedded Bio-Ceramic material to reflect body heat and increase leg perspiration!
Three layers structure of sealing strong, this kind of material can be very good promote arms sweating.
This product is a diving suit material- neoprene, has good heat storage effects, the stored heat can control the body temperature does not easily leaks, more warmth, perspire easily,achieve fat-burning effect.

Twist & Shape Abs Machine


Core & Cardio Trainer.
Twist & Shape’s sculpting secret is the fusing together of two of the world’s best exercises….the Torso Twist and Hip Rotation.
These movements perfectly position your abs in the “toning zone” where they’re continuously sculpted by both movements!

ATX Strength Squat Ramp


Dense solid rubber squat ramp, ideal for elevating heels during the squat exercise.
Line-markings make for easy monitoring of mobility progression.
Dimensions: 70cm wide, 16cm deep. 5cm at tallest point. Gradient: 19 degrees.