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Gliding Discs – Core Sliders for Strength and Stability – Abdominal and Glutes Exercise Slides for Home and Gym Work Out – Works on Carpet and Hardwood Floors by AARDVARK

$21.99 $9.99

GLIDING DISCS FOR GLUTES!: Gain Leg and Glute Strength with Bodyweight Strength Sliding Exercises using our gliding discs
DYNAMIC STABILITY TRAINING: Gliding Discs Transform Ordinary Push Ups, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, and Side Squats into Challenging Core Exercises
SIMPLE AND EASY – WORK OUT ON THE GO – Say Goodbye to Expensive and Bulky Glider Boards, Slider Mats, Slide Boards, Booties, and Other Gimmicky Equipment

Sting Ray – Front Squat Stabilizer


Lifts the bar off the collar bone allowing full expansion of the rib cage.
Provides easy bar control without stressing shoulder, elbow, or wrists
Allows the widest rack on the body by moving the load out to the front delt.


The Fitter Sitter

$69.99 $39.95

The new Fitter Sitter gives you a lower back workout while sitting at your desk or watching TV.
You can increase your heart rate, exercise your legs, and burn calories while sitting down.
The Fitter SItter can be used my young and old alike, and is especially useful for the elderly and those who don’t want to walk in bad weather.

DoubleFlex Total Body Workout

NEW FOR 2017: Upgraded DoubleFlex with strengthen components for increased durability and lifecycle, with 2 YEAR WARRANTY.
Replaces weights with smooth safe SpiraFlex; resistance used by NASA astronauts on International Space Station.
Snap on FlexPacks for 5, 10 and 15 lbs. of resistance that feels like free-weights; yet unit weighs less than 2 lbs.

Darhoo Pedal Resistance Loop Bands Available for Shaping Muscles Arms Buttocks Legs and Back Home Portable Outdoor and Gym Strength Training Equipment


Size: 52 * 28cm; Maximum stretching: 120cm
100% brand new with high quality, product is made of enviromental foam, and tube is made of high elastic latex, which is healthy to body.
Very effective and easy to use, handle and foam pedals to nicely fit into your hands and around your feet. High elastic latex tube, high tensile strength, tens of thousands of times by tensile testing, safe, durable


Total Gym 1100

$199.99 $129.99

Strengthens and tones multiple major muscle groups simultaneously
Delivers a total body workout in only 10-20 minutes
Over 60 different exercises – cardio, strength training & stretch all on 1 machine


LegActivator – The Seated Leg Exerciser & Physiotherapy Machine for Seniors that Improves your Health and Blood Circulation while Sitting in the Comfort of your Home or Office

$159.99 $129.99

Improve your health: LegXercise designed with ERGO-THERAPY in mind where its movements are precise, continuous and without vibrations, this will keep your legs moving continuously, improving your blood circulation, helping you prevent leg cramps and back pain while also decreasing vascular problems and leg inflammation
Improve your figure: Our passive exercise machine also helps you improve your figure by fighting with cellulitis and helping you to prevent those awful varicose veins. Just sit back, relax and with just 15 minutes a day you will will see results
Compact, convenient & silent: Its compact size and its light weight, allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. Just weighs 10 Lbs and has the perfect size to store it anywhere. Also, it has a silent motor that will let you use it in any space without annoying anyone


StrongTek Portable Slant Board, Adjustable Incline Boards and Calf Stretcher | Anti-Slip Design, Physical Therapy, Ankle Stretching | 4 Positions Calve Foot Stretch Wedge (250 lb Capacity)

$59.99 $37.99

✓ RELIABLE STRENGTH-ENHANCING EQUIPMENT: Helps to make your muscles more responsive during exercising; Helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury.
✓ DEMONSTRATED HEALTH BENEFITS: This adjustable balance board is not only helpful to stretching before/after work out, but also beneficial to the body recovery from Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other foot and ankle injuries and pain
✓ ANTI-SLIPPERY DESIGN: Features a textured surface and a plastic/rubber lip for heels to protect you from slipping off.


iheartsynergee Core Sliders. Dual Sided Use on Carpet or Hardwood Floors. Abdominal Exercise Equipment


★ FLASH SALE! – BUY ONE GET ONE 25% OFF. USE CLAIM CODE SFBOGO25. These small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon. The smooth side works on carpet and the fabric side works on hardwood or tile floors.
★ ENGAGES CORE – Synergee Core Sliders engage your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge. The long, graceful movements are also a good way to increase flexibility.
★ COMPACT – The beauty of Synergee Core Sliders is you can use them in a variety of different workouts – an aerobic or dance workout, Pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga. Just as importantly, they’re fun!