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Deadlift Package Featuring The XMark Voodoo Commercial Olympic Bar, Hard Chrome with Black Manganese Phosphate Shaft, 185,000 PSI Plus 280 lbs. of XMark Olympic Bumper Plates


The Deadlift package includes the XMark VOODOO Olympic Bar and 280 lbs. of Olympic Bumper Plates (a pair of 10 lb. plates, 35 lb. plates, 45 lb. plates, and 2 pair of 25 lb. plates). Collars not included.
Crafted using a heat treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system, the VOODOO bar features superior tensile strength of 185,000 PSI with moderate flex and a 1500 lb. weight capacity.
Features a black manganese phosphate shaft which is used only in high quality bar. Manganese phosphate coatings are the hardest providing unbeatable corrosion and abrasion protection.