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Rogue Fitness | Rogue Barbell Cleaning Kit

$22.99 $19.99

(1) Rogue branded wooden handle nylon bristle brush
(1) 3oz 3-in-ONE® Brand Multipurpose Oil
Unlike many similar products sold at home improvement and appliance stores, both the 3-in-One oil and brush are made in the USA and time tested specifically for barbell upkeep. The nylon bristles on the Rogue brush also make it safe for use on any type of finish.

SPRI Steel Kettle Bell Rack


Solid steel rack – very stable
Designed to hold multiple sizes of kettlebells (2-3 per shelf)
Perfect solution to storing kettlebells with limited space available


Crown Sporting Goods Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights


Kettlebells extend mass beyond the hand, building strength, flexibility, and athleticism in a wholly unique way
Long-lasting cast iron coated with corrosion-resistant enamel. No logos, no rubber accents, no nonsense, just quality
Flat bottoms enable upright storage as well as renegade rows and other floor-based drills