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Ader Fitness Olympic Fractional Plates – 5 LB Set

$42.50 $17.69

0.25 LB Grey; 0.50 Lb Blue; 0.75 Lb Red; 1.0 Lb Black pair per size. Cutting by mill machine one at a time.
The most accurate fractional plates on market, some are 0.1-1.0 % tolerance.
Powder-coated solid steel with clear engraved “Ader Fitness” logo & number of weights. Designed for a 2″ dia. bar.


CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic Grip Plate


Made from solid cast iron
Fits on all 2 in Olympic style weightlifting bars, as well as a wide variety of machines
Plates feature over-sized holes that allow the user to safely lift and load it onto bars and other equipment

XMark Commercial Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar XM-9025


Hailed as King of the upper-body workout, the chin-up and pull-up will catapult your biceps, back, and shoulders into the next dimension.
Uniquely engineered parallel and angled hand grips allow countless hand positions for targeting of specific muscles.
The only wall mounted multi-grip chin-up rack available with knurled hand grips to assist in providing a sure grip, even during the most intensive workouts.