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IFLYING Heavy Duty Doorway Pull-Up Bar Pull Up Home Gym and Upper Body Workout

Take this heavy duty pull up bar with you everywhere and improve your physique using your own home gym exercise equipment.
Versatile design: excellent for aerobic conditioning, mount it high for chin-ups, mount it low for sit-ups and dips making this more than just a pull up bar.
It strengthens and shapes your back, shoulders, arms and abdomen. Provides excellent prevention against back and joint pain, while improving your overall health.

Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull Up Bar with Adjustable Width


Get highly metabolic workouts that effectively build muscle across the chest, arms, back, and core with pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and sit ups.
Premium construction supports up to 300 pounds. Expandable bars ends fit all residential doorways 24″ to 36″ wide with molding up to 3.5″ wide
Quickly switch between doorway and floor exercises. High density foam grips reduce strain over longer workouts

INTENT SPORTS Pull Up Assist Band MAX 200 – UP to 200 LB of Assistance! – Chin Up – Workout eBook! – High-Performance Assist Bands – Resistance Bands – Get Stronger – for Crossfit or Workout Program.

MAX 200: Finally a real option for those who need Maximum Assistance. Up to 200 LB of Assistance suitable for almost every strength or physical condition.
GET STRONGER: Smart system that will help you to get stronger and build a powerful physique, build more strength, do more pull ups, overcome an injury, build “V-shaped” back and muscular arms.
DO MORE PULL UPS: Offsets plenty of your body weight while you doing pull-ups and chin-ups.

Heavy Duty Pull up/Chin Up Assist Bands – 90 lbs Weight Assist – P90X – Fully Adjustable – Choose Your Resistance Quickly – For Complete Personal Training Fitness Workout of Arms & Shoulders

PULL-UPS LIKE NEVER BEFORE – Do you want to maximize your pull-ups? Our Pull up Assist Bands allow you to maximize the muscle build up in your arms, legs, shoulders and gives you a strong V-shaped back. Our Revolutionary Technology helps improve your health & fitness training.
HIGH QUALITY AND MODERN DESIGN – These Amazing Pull up Assist Bands are made from natural latex material that gives them a durable long-lasting lifetime. They will never break, discolor or lose their eye-catching premium look. Bright colored latex with solid adjustable straps.
ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLE – Our Bands will fit any man or women. Simply adjust it to your needs and start to work out like a pro. It’s safe with strong metal buckles to adjust the weight capacity and non-slip foot stirrup. This is the best tool on the market to build up your lower and upper body strength.

Furious Fitwear Door Pull up Bar for Pull-up and Chin-up Exercises

PERFECT PULL-UPS & CHIN-UPS ANYWHERE – Convert any Door into a Home Gym with this 5-Minute Assembly, No Screws on the Door & Heavy Duty Iron Bar to Perform Pull-up, Push-up, Chin-up, Dips, Crunches and Sit-up Exercises!
STRONG, EASY ASSEMBLY, NON-SLIP GRIP FOAM & DOOR PROTECTION PADDING – No More Drilling or Fasteners on the Wall or over the Door Frame, Fits Doorways from 24″ to 32″ with Assembly Guide Included, Non-slip Wide Comfort Foam for Better Grips and Better Rubberized Door Guard
EXERCISE AT YOUR PACE FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – No Time for Gym, Busy with the Work, Traveling a lot or Just Want to Save Gym Membership Fees – Now You can Exercise at Your Convenience by Keeping 2 or 3 Pull up Bars Handy in the Office, at Home and in Your Car – Use Coupon FURIOUS1 to Save 10% While Buying More than One!

Iron Core Athletics Joist Mount Pull Up Bar


Heavy duty joist mount pull up bar with padded hand grips in three different positions
Includes full Pull Up Bar assembly, all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation
Heavy duty construction and built to last with re-enforced Poly Coated Steel and Extra Strong Welds and Mounting Brackets