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JBM Rotating Push Up Stands Pink Push up Bars – No Slip, wide Contoured Grips for Max Comfort, Smooth Rotation Eliminates Wrist Strain, Perfect for Women, Fitness Workouts, P90X and CrossFit

$29.99 $11.98

Engages more muscles & improve push up workout: Helps to improve push up posture and reduce risks of future injury. Our rotating push up stands prevents your wrists from hyper-extending and allows the arms and shoulders to move naturally. Designed with a rotation button for a Wider Range of Exercises. Rotating action engages more muscles in the arm, biceps, and increases engagement of your core.
Smooth rotation to reduce wrist strain: Reduce the risk of injury compared to doing push ups on the floor by preventing your wrists from hyper extending. Our push up stand rotates to help you keep your hands in proper position throughout a pushup and gives you support to greatly diminish strain on your wrists.
Stable, non-slip rubber base and durable ABS grip handles: Made of high quality and Eco-friendly rubber which make these push up grips very safe and comfortable to use. They are strong yet lightweight and compact design makes them very easy to transport so you can take them with you to exercise wherever and whenever you want.


PEYOND Push-up Bars – Strong Steel Suitable for Handle Speed ABS Sports Tool

$12.00 $8.99

Reinforced Premium Steel Bars + Non-slip Rubber Feet ensure a Safe Workout and a Product you can Trust. Warm-up, Stretch out, Train Hard and get Ripped. Designed Tough and Built to Last. Push your Limits with Confidence.
Comfortable Soft Foam lined Handles, Elevated Stands and Nontraditional Grip act to Lower Impact on Hands + Wrists. This helps Promote Health and Substantially Minimizes Recovery time. Effective for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.
Want to save money on a Gym Membership? Our Push up Bar is ideal for both Home Fitness and On-the-go Workouts. Take your Portable Equipment with you, where you ever you go! Bring it to Work, the Park, the Studio, or just use it Home! It’s Lightweight, Slim Profile and Easy to Assemble Design make it the Perfect Travel Accessory.

ARC-NRG PushUp – Revolutionary new Push Up Machine!


Increase Strength, Build Muscle, Burn Fat. Sculpts arms, chest, shoulders, back AND ABS!
Unique design allows the user to select the amount of their body weight acting as the resistance
Engages the full body while promoting the most natural and ergonomic assisted push up

TOMSHOO Adjustable Sturdy Steel Pull Up Stand Rack Push Up Pull Knee Raise Multi Station Power Tower Muscle Strength Toner Home Gym Workout Fitness Equipment

Multi-station workout power tower exercise station for working upper and lower body, exercise your abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, chest, arms, back, etc.
Chin-up and pull-up station with multiple grip positions. Dip station for triceps; leg raise station for quads and lower abs. Push up bars with nonslip handles.
Thick cushioned arm rests for added comfort. Comfortable back rest can be adjusted forward or backward according to different needs during exercise.

Power Press Push Up Carrying Bag (SALE)

Durable and stylish carrying/storage bag for Power Press Push Up
Extra Padding Protects the Power Press boards and handgrips from getting scratched.
Heavy Duty, Light Nylon Bag With Convenient Wide Shoulder Straps

Ultimate Body Press Wood Bar Parallettes 12×24 Inch

PRODUCT RE-LAUNCH SALE: Reviewers spoke and we listened. Bars now feature upgraded hardware. Get special pricing and full satisfaction guarantee while supplies last.
12″ tall 24″ long Wood Bar Parallettes with Easy pass through ‘T-Bar’ risers for improved clearance and enhanced movement progression
Ideal for Cross Fit HIIT style exercises, the comfortable 1.5″ diameter hardwood bars reduce strain and improve focus on form for longer workouts


P-Fit – Push Up Bars + Balance + Stretch (Set of 2) / Prodigy Fit

$55.90 $39.95

The Prodigy Fit or P-Fit is an ingenious, multifunctional exercise device that combines a stable and unstable platform for many different exercises. Includes 2 P-Fit, Instruction Poster and Fit Grip Pads.
Can be used as Parallettes or a Yoga Wheel. Some of the exercises that can be incorporated in with P-Fit are push ups, balancing, stretching, dips, gymnastic moves, planks, hand stands and much more.
Thick gauged powder coated steel has been tested to withstand weight in excess of 500 lbs. The handles are frost powder coated steel.