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Incline Fit Black Steel Club


Virtually indestructible: Fully formed and made completely out of steel, these clubs are heavy-duty and basically unbreakable. Don’t be afraid to use it and abuse it
Multi-purpose: use this steel club for everything from strength training to rehabilitation
More efficient workouts: improves range of motion, flexibility, and strength in specific groups of muscle


Apollo Athletics Iron Power Club


Classic design; Easy to use; Made from heavy duty and professional quality cast iron
Sleek with smooth finish with machined handle for consistent and safe grip
Symmetrically balanced for optimum weight equalization

Empower Soft Walking Weights


Burn more Calories while toning and tightening your upper body
Comfort-fit strap holds weight in place while walking without needing a tight grip
Durable, hand washable, neoprene fabric is soft and comfortable on the skin

SPRI Soft Hand Walking Weights


Dumbbell-style tubes that conform to your hands providing the perfect grip for upper and lower body resistance exercises and walking activities
Created by John Abdo (the Inventor of the AB-Doer).Soft, Flexible, neoprene covered
Comfortably secure, stretch elastic hand strap eliminates over-gripping and hand fatigue

Iron Wedge (1 Pair) – Deadlift Bar Jack Alternative For Efficiently Load and Unload Weight Plates – Ideal for Strength & Fitness Athletes, Cross Training, Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilders


LOAD AND UNLOAD BARBELLS SAFELY & EASILY: The Iron Wedge is a revolutionary deadlift jack alternative allowing you to load/unload barbells safely and easily. We specifically designed it so you don’t have to balance the bar while fetching plates and loading your barbell.
EASY TO USE: The Iron Wedge deadlift wedges are super easy to use. Simply put the first plates on your barbell and effortlessly roll onto the wedges. It increases the plate’s height by 0.5″ allowing you to easily load and unload other plates on the bar.
SOLD AS A PAIR: One Deadlift wedge is just not enough. We sell our Iron Wedge in a pair so you can load and unload both sides at the same time. You get two (2) Iron Wedges to get all the versatility of a barbell jack for a fraction of the price!