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Water Gear Wrist Weights


Lycra-covered neoprene jackets.
Adds resistance for aqua aerobics or therapy.
Weight given is the total weight of both weights combined.

ZoN Thumblock Wrist Weights

Specially designed thumb hole keeps the weight from slipping around the wrist
Sold as a pair of 1 lb. (45 kg) weights (Two 1lb weights per package)
Contoured body and soft sand filling conforms to the hand and wrist

Kootek Wrist Wraps, 2 Pack 18″ Wrist Straps Brace with Thumb-Loops Adjustable Strenghen Support Bands for Weight Training, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting and Crossfit

Designed to anyone who has wrist pain, Carpel Tunnel pain, arthritis in joint, overwork worker, using it for Weightlifting, Power-lifting, Gymnastics, CrossFit and other explosive power exercises
Strengthen support and stronger wrist activity, reduce and eliminate wrist swelling during workouts, stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, prevent serious wrist injury from overworking
Elastic thumb loop is made of good quality stiff elastic band, about 3/5″ wide, to prevent the wrist wraps move. Right & Left hand label to easy distinguish and put on