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Weight Belt with Chain, Dip Belt for Weighted Pull Ups and Dips by Fire Team Fit


Set Personal Records – Reach new max sets of pull ups and dips while creating additional upper body muscle strength by adding additional resistance to body weight exercises.
Train for Muscle Ups – Add weight to strengthen your pull ups and dips to train for the progression to seamless muscle ups.
Strong and Compact – Extremely lightweight and easily folds into a gym bag. The dip belt has an adjustable 44″ Steel Chain with a 300+lbs weight limit.


Powerlifting Belt / Weight Lifting Belt – 4 Inches Wide – No Taper for Maximum Support & Protection – Best for Deadlift, Squat, Snatch, Clean and Jerk by Stoic – For Women & Men

$95.00 $59.77

PREFERRED STYLE FOR SERIOUS LIFTERS – 4 inch width all the way around, 10MM thickness (with only 1.2mm of suede) providing you superior support. Non-tapered front dramatically reduces stress on the back from rounding on exercises like the squat and deadlift and over extension on exercises like the overhead press by allowing both the abdominal wall and back to firmly brace. Best used for heavy Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman and even heavy cross training workouts.
BUILT TO LAST FOREVER – Belt construction and value, second to none. High-end materials: vegetable tanned, full grain sole leather. Strong nylon stitching. Ultra heavy single prong buckle with seamless roller. The end result is a belt that lasts and remains supportive for years to come.
A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE – We’ve eliminated the inner suede and left the edges of this high end belt raw and un-dyed because it’s expensive leather needs no cover up. You can visibly see every belt is properly tanned and has absolutely no “wet blue” tone to hide.

Weight Lifting Belt and Bonus Workout Ebook. 6 Inch Back Support for Squat, Deadlift, Cleans, Cross-fit and Powerlifting. Made for Men and Women by Blue Fire Fitness


STABILIZE AND REDUCE STRESS ON THE SPINE: The pressure from the weight belt pushing against the lower back acts to stabilize the spine and reduce the stress it receives when lifting heavy weights. This is how the Blue Fire Fitness Olympic Weightlifting belt can help protect against back injuries during Powerlifting, Crossfit Training, or Bodybuilding
SUPERIOR DESIGN AND COMFORT: Our weightbelt measures 6 inches for optimal back support and comes in 3 sizes to ensure optimal functionality. The belt is woven with nylon and features neoprene padding for the most comfortable fit.
OPTIMIZE LIFTING MECHANICS: Wearing our Lifting Belt will reduce the amount of bending in the spine forcing you to lift more with your legs than your back, precisely the position you want to use when lifting something from the ground. Our weight lifting belt will add weight and enforce proper form with squats and deadlifts.

Kinobody – Best In Class Dip Belt and Pullup Belt – Any Size – Any Experience Level


THE BEST BELT FOR DIPS AND PULLUPS: The Kino Belt was designed for one purpose, to be the most functional, durable, and accommodating belt on the market. Most belts have short cheap chains, difficult attachment points, and the material rips and breaks under heavy pressure. Not ideal for those looking to build powerful strength and muscle. Not to mention poorly designed belts also leave you unbalanced which can inhibit your targeted muscle group and leave you at risk for injury..
NO CHAINS OR CHEAP MATERIALS: The Kino Belt uses military grade banded nylon to securely, and safely hang weight to your desired preferance. No more ripping out leg hairs and leaving your groin open to get snagged by a chain.
FRONT LOCKING WAIST CLIP FOR COMFORTABLE AND SAFE FIT: The Kino Belt was designed with serious lifters in mind to mitigate injury and provide the most bodybuilding friendly experience on the market. The easy to use front hooking rings allow for seamless changes in weight distribution. The padded support and front clip allows for balanced weight distribution and secure support throughout your exercise, even at immense weights.


Weight Lifting Belt – High Performance Neoprene Back Support for Lifting – Light & Heavy Duty Core Support for Weightlifting, Cross Training and Fitness


COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Our 5.5″ wide ultra-light nylon weight belt is designed with a reinforced back support for maximum protection and stability. You get all the support you need and feels completely weightless.
MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our double-belt, heavy duty design provides maximum protection and support ensuring your entire core is protected during heavy lifting.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Our weightlifting belt is had a reinforced core back support with an easy-to use heavy-duty tensioning stainless steel slide bar loop buckle. You have complete control on the compression you want!

Bear KompleX Weightlifting belt for Powerlifting, Cross Training, Squats, Weights and more. Low profile velcro with super firm back for maximum stability and exceptional comfort. Easily Adjustable


DON’T GO TO THE GYM WITHOUT THIS BELT! Great for Squats, Deadlifts, Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, and more…
TACKLE YOUR WODS, OLYMPIC LIFTS, AND OTHER MOVEMENTS. Extreme Support and Stability for ALL of your lifts
4″ STRONG VELCRO AND ADJUSTABLE SIZING allow for Easy In and Easy out while performing multiple movements in workouts

Advanced Dip Belt – Dip Pullup Squat Multifunction Versatile Weight Belt for Lifting


MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: Dip Belt, Pull Up Belt, Squat Belt, Sled Harness, Weight Lifting Belt… Name it, our advanced dip belt does it! We designed the advanced dip belt with 3 different anchors used for countless different attachments and exercises.
PREMIUM QUALITY: The advanced dip belt is made of 100% nylon, the strongest, lightest, flexible material for a multipurpose lifting belt. Nylon is the perfect material for maximum grip, comfort and temperature control while training with heavy weights.
HIGH DURABILITY: We designed this belt with one simple idea in mind: It has to support a ton of weights without giving up. The advanced dip belt has reinforced stitching all around, on the belt and on the sling, heavy-duty nylon threads, black steel hooks and carabiners for maximum strength and durability.