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Body Xtreme Fitness Whole Body 3D Vibration Platform + Resistance Bands, Remote Control, Workout Machine, Exercise Equipment For Home, Vibration Plate, Balance Weight + BONUS Cooling Towel

$253.07 $251.40

✔ Provides maximum effectiveness by improving your balance, reducing body fat, relaxation of muscles, stimulation of blood circulation, enhancing stabilisation muscles and decreasing stress to body parts
✔ Equipped with premium resistance bands to increase upper body strength (can be easily removed)
✔ Includes remote – 4 adjustable settings (including 3 built-in system controlled speeds and timeframes and manual); 3 sport intensities (walk, jog, and run)


Professional Dual Motor 1500W Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Machine, with Heart Rate Monitor

$2,000.00 $1,269.00

Dual Motors (Triangular Oscillation or Tri-Planer Spiral Vibrations), 1500 Watts (1000 watt and 500 watt for each motor), 60 Speed Settings for each motor, Upgraded noiseless motors.
Heart Rate Monitor, Arm Bands Included (Great for upper body workouts), Upgraded Advanced Digital Control Panel, Leveling legs on the base/bottom, Easy to read LCD Screen.
Triangular Oscillation Amplitude (0-10mm), Triangular Oscillation Frequency (5Hz-15Hz), Tri-Planer Vibration Amplitude (2mm), Tri-Planer Vibration Frequency (15-40Hz), Maxiumum Weight: 400lbs.


Whole Body Vibration Machine – Dual Motor by SDI : Commercial (2HP, 440 lbs), Dual Motor, Large Vibrating Platform, USB Programmable

$1,599.00 $1,269.00

Fitness, Weight Loss, Anti-Cellulite, Builds Bone Density, Relaxes Muscles, Improves Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Injury Rehabilitation.
Large 27″ Vibration Platform with Tri Motion 3D Spacial Movements. 3 Vibration Modes: Triangular Oscillation, Spiral, Dual.
Dual Quiet Brushless DC Motors (500 Watt + 300 Watt) with 2HP Max Power and 5 Years Warranty.

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine


Accelerates Weight Loss; Reduces Cellulite; Tones and Tightens Body
Low Impact Exercise; Relieves Aches and Pains; Reduces Stress
Stimulates Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage; Improves Metabolism and Digestion