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Aquastrength Aquatic Fitness Ultimate Bundle


All purpose cardio and strength drag resistance training
Excellent value for total body training. Maximize results by going through progression and regression, essential to any effective exercise program


AquaLogix Total Package – All Purrpose Bells, High Speed Bells, Max Resistance Bells, High Speed Fins and Max Resistance Fins – Complete Pool Exercise Workout Set – Includes Online Demonstration Video

$329.75 $299.95

Best value for full body water training. Maximize results by going through progression and regression, essential to any effective aquatic exercise program
Excellent for solo, partner and group pool exercise training
Dynamic strength and power drag resistance water training



The hydrodynamic resistance developed by the FPR system of the POOLBIKING ONE PLUS has been carefully studied in order to provide a tool for high-quality cardiovascular training for the individual, the most demanding athletes, fitness professionals and rehabilitation.
Experts say it’s a high quality exercise. In just 30 minutes, we can achieve a high-performance workout, burn a significant amount of calories with a minimum joint impact. The continued resistance of the water reduces the session time compared with land-based activities. ONE, it suits you well!
Manufactured with high quality stainless steel AISI316L featuring anti-rust protection in accordance with international standards. Pedals made of resin and EVA for barefoot use. Ergonomic design of the frame (multiple settings to match the user’s height).

HLM Women Man’s Water Shoes Breathable Lightweight Quick Dry Slip on Mesh Sneaker


Material: Soft and Smooth mesh upper. The upper material is made of single layer mesh, and hollow EVA insole and honeycomb structure have good elastic damping performance.Rubber outsole is nice wear and slip resistance
Design: Fashionable sneaker sport type with comfortable mesh material and
Feature : Unique sole with lots of drainage holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them. It can absorb the multiple pressure in the process of walking and reduce the damage in the movement.


StrechCordz Short Belt


Designed for push-off drills, in-place resisted swimming, resisted walking, running and other in-water resistance drills
One 2in/5cm adjustable waist belt that fits up to a 44in/1.1m waist, one 4ft/1.2m tube with a safety cord
A loop on the end of tubing is included for pool mounting


iPool 3-D Set (iPool 3 with Deluxe Filter Pump and Deluxe Heater Combination)

$2,397.79 $2,396.78

Above ground exercise swimming pool easily fits into your basement or garage with small 6 square meter footprint
Product Dimensions: 7’X10’x54” Total footprint including base: 8.5′ X 11.5′ recommended 9’x12′x8′ space for installation
Strong zinc coated galvanized steel frame & sturdy five layer vinyl coated polyester weave liner (Used In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)


Aqua Jogger Classic Belt – Blue

$45.18 $36.84

Designed to suspend the body in the water at a shoulder-level position to allow for freedom and security to perform a variety of workouts in deep and shallow water
Wider area of foam positioned against and supporting the lower back
Narrows as it wraps around the waist for a comfortable fit below the ribs