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Amcer Waist Twisting Disc Ankle Body Aerobic Exercise


.Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs, Stimulates blood circulation; Massages the feet
.Releases Tension, massages your feet, suitable for all age groups
.Stimulates Blood Circulation — Combines the principles of reflexology, exercise and magnetic therapy to produce an overall effective exercise system

Shalleen Twist Waist Torsion Body Massage Board Aerobic Foot Exercise Fitness Twister

How To Use: 1. Before using, please drink 200-500CC warm boiled water to stimulate the circulation of blood to gain a better effect. 2. Put you feet on the waist-twisting device, twist your waist and abdomen at the left and right sides meanwhile keep your both arm balance.
3. It will be a normal phenomenon and a good effect after gymnastic exercise if the color of urine becomes deep, or temperature of the human body gets high. 4. Yous should persevere in the exercise of twist waist, thus reach a sturdy and strenuous effect on your body.

LANG DONG 4pcs Pebble Foot Massage Mat Health Care Shiatsu

100% environmental protection material TPE.It is no odor. Size:29cm*39cm
It is suitable for people who sitting for long time.Relieves stress, aches, muscle pains & tension, feel livelier and experience more energy by providing “finger like” pressure points.
It is convenient and easy to carry. It can be folded easily. Then you can take it to travel,work,do some sports and so on.

KINGZHUO 11.8 Inch Core Balance Disc Soft Inflatable Yoga Pilates Massage Cushion Mat Ball Wheel Pad


The best multi-purpose core and balance training tool. Designed to activate your core muscle and improve overall strength and balance.
Can be used for working out or as a seat cushion to improve posture and balance, rather than using a stability ball
With massage point on surface, you can massage yourself when in need. The textured non-slip surface will not slide out from under you during exercise.

Extra Long Large Printed Yoga Mat Non-slip Eco-Friendly 4mm Great For hot Yoga Pilates Bikram Fitness


NON-SLIP: Made out of natural rubber base and an ultra-absorbent vegan suede top layer. On the surface of the suede, absorbent super, water molecules so that suede friction increases, the more sweat, the better the anti-skid effect.give you extra grip and comfort as you sweat. Natural rubber base firmly grips the floor.The mat won’t curl or move during exercises.
ECO-FRIENDLY: natural rubber, Biodegradable, no toxic smells. Machine washable: Inks are water-based and will not fade easily after repeated use or wash.
EXTRA LONG LARGE: 72 in x 27 in x 4 MM, it’s the perfect mat for everyone, whether you’re short or tall.