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Jfit Pro Push-up Bar

$34.86 $29.69

Adds greater range of motion to exercises during push-ups and other core exercises
Minimizes stress on wrists, hands, and elbows
Constructed of resilient steel


Push Up Bars for Floor – Perfect Pushups for Men, Women – Rotating, Non Slip Push Up Bar Design – Wide Handle Grips for Comfort – Smooth Rotation Avoids Wrist Strain – Essential Home Workout Equipment

$39.97 $14.97

⚙️ ESSENTIAL HOME GYM EQUIPMENT FOR ADULTS & KIDS – Strengthen your upper body, arms, legs, and abs – Perfect pushup bars for fitness workouts, chest workouts, CrossFit, p90x and more – Target specific muscle groups – scapular muscles, triceps, deltoids & pectorals
❤️️ RECOMMENDED BY PT PROFESSIONALS & TRAINERS – Pushup stands are essential fitness equipment for an effective fitness & weight loss regimen, full body workouts and exercise routines – Shred body fat, get fit – Easy to use from beginner to advanced elite fitness enthusiasts
☝️ INNOVATIVE DESIGN IMPROVES THE ERGONOMICS OF THE PUSH UP – Optimal combination of push up bar design and rotating action that improves the ergonomics of standard pushups by placing your wrists in a neutral position decreasing strain of the wrists, elbows & shoulders – Rotating action engages more muscles in the arms, biceps, and increases engagement of your core

321 STRONG Push Up Bars with Bonus Ebook Great for Upper Body Strength

Durable construction guaranteed not to break , no matter your weight , now matter how many pushups your exercise program calls for
Base simply attaches to handles , and can be easily removed for storage or travel – take your push ups equipment with you anywhere!
Handles are at the perfect angle to prevent wrist fatigue so you can maximize your results for your upper body exercises


VANCIC Rotating Push Up Stands Grips Gray Blue Swivel Push Up Trainer Non Slip Bar Design Rotation and Stationary (Two in One) Perfect for Men & Women, Fitness Workouts, P90X and Crossfit

$25.98 $15.80

Patented design focuses on strengthening key muscle groups and increasing range of motion, provide rotation type and stationary type (two in one). The original rounded-bottom push-up equipment targets upper body and core muscles using stability forces.
The frame adopts PP hard rubber, swivel using TPE soft rubber, strong bearing (400-Pound weight capacity), safety and eco-friendly, grip handles. Anti-skid handles make your exersice safe.
The trainer is intended to be stable and freely rotate: It is stable when you try stationary type, you can use it as normal push up stands. When you try rotation type, start out using it on high friction surfaces (e.g., rubber gym mat, carpet, yoga or fitness mat) Do not use on hard surfaces until fully capable of doing so without injury.

SPRI Fitness Parallettes


1 pair of 12-Inch high metal parallettes
Durable, stable parallettes for a variety of strength and conditioning exercises
Designed for body weight exercises that are similar to parallel bars in gymnastics

Set of 2 – Incline Pushup Stands for Home Fitness Training – Push Up Bar


Non Slip Foam Grip for an easier workout – Slip Resistant Foam also keeps hands dryer
Unique design allows you to perform a deeper push-up for increased muscle development – Angled Incline bar helps isolate different muscle groups
Sturdy and strong construction with no moving parts that can freeze up or wear out Industrial grade PVC is strong and lightweight, making these stands ideal for home gym, personal trainers and fitness fanatics who are always on the go

Exercise Push Up Stand Incline Bars for Home Fitness Training – Stable, Comfortable Grips – Build Strength Faster – Set of 2

Complete upper body workout – Angled incline bar helps isolate different muscle groups; easy to change direction and spacing of bars to exercise pectorals, deltoids and triceps as well as chest and shoulders
Durable construction guaranteed not to break , no matter your weight
Foam handle covers provide a secure grip , are soft and comfortable , and increase the width of the handle to match your hand’s curves for better athletic performance

Chic Style Pushup Stands

COMFORTABLE, NON-SLIP GRIP for Safety – the push up bars with nonslip grip and base provides a comfortable grip and keeps bars in place on most surfaces. No worry for slipping.
STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT – Push-up bars constructed of Eco-friendly TPE for superior strength; lightweight for ease of portability; no moving parts to wear out. It can hold 661.39 Lbs.
More Efficient Workout: The Angled push up stand bar reduces stress on wrists and easy to change direction and spacing of bars to exercise, improving strength in your upper body,arms,legs and stomach

Everlast The Supreme Push-Up


Ergonomic rubber handles for comfort and joint ease
Tough reinforced construction for long lasting durability
360° ball bearings make swivel action smooth and effective

NIKE Push Up Grips


Push Up Grips
· Elevated position
Allows greater range of motion for strengthening chest, triceps and shoulders · Ergonomic design for less stress on wrists · Wide, stable bases