OSITO Wireless Abs Stimulator Muscle Trainer Abs Trainer for Women Men – Portable Rechargeable Abs Fitness Equipment EMS Muscle Toner for Abdomen/Arm/Leg

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Product description

Why Choose Us?
1. Easy to use. Please fit the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle. Just press the button to start the exercise.
2. Advanced EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles. And Each of them can be adjusted individually. You can select different mode and intensity respectively to meet your desired muscle training effect.
3. 10 exercise modes and 25 intensity levels are optional to help fat burning and muscle growing. From warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation.

How to Use?
1.Take a pad out of the bag
2.Install main machine on the pad. The electrode button is aligned with the electrode hole of main machine.
3.Remove the film on the gel pad.
4.Attach the pad with main machine to your body.
5.Please check the User Manual – About charging and adjustments of mode and level.

How to Maintenance ?
1.If it is dirty, wet a cloth with lukewarm water diluted with (3-5%) detergent, wring it out well and wipe off any dirt on the surface.
2.Rinse the cloth with water, wring it out well and wipe off any detergent.
3.Let it air-dry in a well-ventilated, shaded place.

★ Make sure the power is off before cleaning the product.

Please do not use this product,If you:
★ Sleeping
★ Pregnant women & Skin allergies
★ Body have Medical Device
★ After surgery is recovering

Package List
3 x Main Controller
2 x Arm/Leg Gel Pad
1 x Abdomen Gel Pad
2x Gel Pad Board
1x Storage Bag
1 x USB Line
1 x User Manual

WARRANTY: Non-human damage, we will exchange a new one or refund within 3 months