Product description

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A new and improved model of the Yessis Glute Ham Back Machine is now available. It was developed by Dr. Michael Yessis and is similar to the original Glute Ham machine, also created by Dr. Yessis in the 1980s.

Are you sure that your execution of the Glute-ham-gastroc exercise will prevent hamstring injuries?
Are you frustrated that your machine does allow you to do the Russian twist and reverse Russian twist?
Are you tired of lifting your leg up high to position yourself on the Glute ham machine?
Are you frustrated that you can do up to 50 glute-ham-gastroc raises but still get hamstring pulls?
You get angry when others tell you about the twelve different exercises they do on their machine?
This new model of the Glute Ham Back machine is much more versatile than previous ones. It is now possible to do 12 unique exercises not only for the hamstrings and other hip joint muscles, but for total abdominal and lower back development. For example, the machine can accommodate athletes who are anywhere from four to over over 7 feet tall. It is the only machine on which you can do the back raise, the best exercise to strengthen the lower back muscles through the full range of motion.

The glute-ham-gastroc raise exercise can be done more effectively on this machine because of more precise positioning and the video and booklet directions for all the exercises that accompany the machine. It also allows for easy attachment of Active Cords to create more resistance for some of the exercises. These are in addition to the 12 unique abdominal, lower back and hip exercises that are executed on the machine.

The Glute-Ham-Back machine is very effective not only for strengthening the muscles in key actions seen in sports, but also in rehabilitation.

Included with the machine is a free 32 page training manual and DVD showing execution of all the exercises.